The ultimate guide to taxi insurance

Taxi insurance

The task of buying insurance for your taxi isn’t an easy task. Therefore here is one solution that makes it easy to you to find taxi insurance. We help you to find your best insurance as smoothly as possible. To help to find the insurance we have a comprehensive guide for those who need insurance for taxis. 

Working in London? 

If you are a new taxi driver or have experience in this field, or you are looking at the chauffeur or school contracts then our expert knowledge help you to find the best for your taxi. with This knowledge, you can find the right cover for you and your taxi    

What is taxi insurance?

Taxi liability insurance or public liability insurance is a guarantee provided by the insurance company in which the insurance company is liable to protect you and your business which is insured by a company against any claim of injury or damage in case of an accident which unfortunately happens.  

Why do u need taxi insurance?

Any driver who drives a taxi for profit either public or private hire will need specific insurance. Because a simple car policy will not provide complete cover as much as you needed. So you needed comprehensive taxi insurance that covers you in all aspects like accident, fire, theft, or stolen activities. 

Is insurance more expensive?

Yeah, insurance is expensive as compared to car insurance or fleet insurance policies. This is because taxi drivers complete more miles than other drivers. In extra, taxi drivers overlook to make these journeys in vehicles that are large enough to fit a large number of passengers in it. And because of the statistically having higher risk of accidents, taxi insurance is more expensive. 

Types of taxi insurance:

Following are the types of insurance available in the market. 

Public hire taxi: this insurance is for those taxis who has licensed to pick people up of the street without pre-booking. It is also known as the hackney carriage.

Private hire insurance: this insurance is provided to those drivers who carry pre-booked passengers or for delivery of food and parcel. Insurance can be provided according to their needs. 

Following are the further insurance options which are provided according to their needs.

Third-party fire and theft: if you cause any damage to a third-party vehicle or property then your insurer will cover the cost of repair to the third party. this type also provides covers against fire and theft. If your taxi got stolen then your insurer is liable to provide cover and get you back on the road. 

Third-party only: this type of insurance will cover you if you cause any damage to a third-party vehicle or property. You are prevent from any claim. This type also covers you if any injury happens to your passangers.

Comprehensive taxi insurance: this type covers you in all aspects like the third party only, third party fire and theft, your vehicle and yourself. We know that getting back on the road after an accident is vital for you. Fully comprehensive insurance provides coverage in all aspects. 

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