Impound Insurance-Explain the basics of impound insurance.

Impound insurance

Impound insurance is a short-term car insurance policy for a car that has been impounded by the police. Many standard car insurance policies will not cover impounded cars. It mainly depends on the policy documentation and the reason why the car has been impounded.

It is a short-term insurance policy that will last for 30 days. Having a minimum of 30 days of insurance cover is a situation of the car being released from the police pound.

Why do you need impound insurance?

Many of the reasons a car might be impounded are because of situations or events which result in the car insurance being canceled. To release an impounded car, you have to prove that you have a minimum of 30 days’ insurance for that particular vehicle. However, impounded cars are seen as high-risk by insurance providers and if you can find an annual insurance policy, it could be expensive. But this is where “impounded car insurance” comes in.

Temporary insurance policy for impounded cars

You can purchase temporary car insurance for your impounded car. You can purchase short-term insurance policies that provide cover from 1 day to 1 month.

You should choose impound insurance as the reason for your coverage when comparing temporary car insurance through Release my vehicle.

While policies differ, they generally provide a comprehensive level of car insurance coverage. It means you must be covered for damage to your own car as well as those of others. These methods are generally purchased to permit someone else to drive your car on a temporary basis. But, insurance premiums are likely to be comparatively costly. Remember, the policy should allow the release of a vehicle from the police pound.

How to release an impounded car?

If your car has been impounded, you should get an impound notice when it is ready for collection. The first step is to find out where your car has been taken, if you are unsure, call the authorities and ask for your local police pound to know where it has been taken.

It is essential to clarify with the police exactly what is needed and what you require to do to reclaim your car. Honestly speaking, getting your car released needs you to supply a number of documents and follow some guidelines within a day of it being taken. You also have to pay charges and make sure your ongoing insurance policy covers you for the car to be retrieved from the police pound.

Legal requirements to release your car

You are legally needed to attend the police pound within 7 working days of your car being impounded. However, you should always call the police pound to make sure the vehicle is ready to collect and is not being held for further investigation.

*You must check opening hours*

The vehicle should be collected by the registered owner with the right documents purchased at the time within 14 days. If these requirements have not been met after the given deadline, the police will scrap or auction your vehicle.

What documents do you need to release your vehicle?

You have to take out a number of original documents to the police pound to release the vehicle. The first will be an impound notice that will be given to you at the roadside.

You need to have:

Proof of identity:

A valid photo ID is needed, it can be a driving license or passport.

Proof of ownership:

You also have to prove ownership of the vehicle. It could be a logbook or a new keeper supplement.


If the vehicle is over 3 years, it requires to have a valid MOT. if not, requires to be recovered or taken directly to a pre-hired test appointment.

Insurance certificate:

You also have to provide proof of insurance, but, not every insurance policy covers you for the car being impounded. That is why you first need to read the small chunk. If it is still unsure, then call your insurance company to clarify the situation.

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