How to Fix Poor Print Image Quality on the Go?

How to Fix Poor Print Image Quality on the Go?

Poor quality printing has a negative impact on the reputation and image of any organization. The issue can be ignored once or twice. However, when it comes to poor-quality printed images, it cannot be ignored. Images offer bigger insight into the operations and the quality of products or services. The same can hold you back from reaping additional benefits.

This is why ensuring the high quality of printed texts and images should be your top priority. The issue can occur due to the printing device as well as the image itself. Make sure to check the resolution and pixels of the images before printing them onto some document or paper. Apart from that, pay attention to the printer device to find and fix the problem.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore and learn how you can fix the poor print image quality on the go and ensure you do not have to suffer because of it.

Top 6 Tips to Improve Print Image Quality

Printing quality matters significantly when it comes to pictures and images. If you are trying to sell your products through printed pamphlets and the image quality is not good, nobody will pay attention to it. It can cause significant loss to your operations. So do not take the matter lightly and pay attention to the resolution of the issue.

Here are some of the major tips you can follow to improve the print image quality if it is facing any issues.

Identify the Issue

The first and foremost tip to improve the print image quality is identifying the issue. At times, the issue takes place while using the copier and not the printer. So, it can be fixed by using the printer function. However, if you are facing an issue with the printer function, it can be due to the quality or functioning of the device. The problem becomes quite common early on in the case of low-quality devices. This is why many people opt for Xerox UAE products and devices and enjoy high-quality prints for years.

Align Printer Cartridge

At times, the printer cartridges and other internal accessories get displaced. It negatively impacts the quality of prints and specifically disturbs the images. Aligning the cartridges is one of the best options you can explore to improve the quality of print images. Even if the problem persists, there is no harm in retouching and aligning the cartridges. However, you will need to spend more time and effort identifying the real issue, as well as appropriate means to fix it.

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Fix Print Speed

One of the basic tips you can follow to improve the poor quality of print images is fixing the print speed. Sometimes, the printing speed can become too slow or fast, negatively impacting the quality of the prints and images. You can stop the device, check its setting, and make changes if you see it suitable. Take out the trial prints and inspect the quality of the images. Proceed with your work if it is good to go; otherwise, explore other tips and options to fix it.

Change Print Paper

At times the poor printing paper is at the heart of the issue of poor-quality images. This is why it is not wise to blame the device as soon as you spot poor-quality printed images. Give a thorough check on each and every aspect of the device and the printing accessories. You can try changing the paper. Pick high-quality papers with thicker density, and the problem will most probably resolve. If it does not resolve, you can explore and implement other tips until you get the solution.

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Clean the Device

One of the basic tips you can follow to fix the poor image quality of your printing device is to clean the device. At times, dirt and debris get trapped in the device and hinder its smooth and sound functioning. You can disassemble all the parts and accessories of the device to give them a perfect clean. Make sure not to use cleaning products with harsh chemicals in order to avoid causing more damage to the device. If the issue of poor quality sustains, getting professional help is better.

Consult the Professionals

The last tip you follow for the poor quality image issue of your printer device is to consult the professionals. Investing in poor-quality devices does not come with this added benefit. However, you can easily secure on-site or even remote break-fix support by investing in Xerox devices. The professionals are always ready to offer support and guidance to users for any kind of issue. So, make a profitable deal and contact professionals to explore Xerox UAE devices to invest in the one suitable for your needs and requirements.

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Are you facing issues with the image quality of prints?

If yes, maybe it is time to rethink your choice of printer devices. Contact and consult professional service providers and pick the printing device which offers high-quality text and image prints.

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