How Do I Fix You Can’t Use Reactions Right Now On Facebook?


A user might find themselves restricted from using the reactions feature on the Facebook application with one message displaying continuously: 

“To prevent any misuse, we’ve temporarily restricted your ability to use this feature on Facebook. You can try again later.”

It can often be frustrating if you genuinely have been wronged here. It may lead you to wonder what has caused it to happen. 

In this article, I will be discussing both the reasons for that happening and the ways you can fix it.

Keep reading this article to find out “ how to solve you cant use this feature right now error ”!

Reasons Why You Might Have That Issue

The following reasons might be why you are being unable to use the reaction feature of Facebook: 

1. You have been reacting to way too many posts.

If someone reacts to too many posts within a very short period of time that raises red flags according to Facebook. 

It is considered as spamming the reaction features and will hence automatically restrict your capability to use reactions further.

Facebook generally discourages any behaviour on the application that is too rapid as that is essentially considered as a bot behaviour.

2. Facebook thinks you are a bot.

If facebook suddenly determines that the behaviours that your account is showing is similar to spam bot behaviour then also certain facebook privileges of an account gets restricted.

Well, a bot is a computer program that is afterall designed for automatic tasks that target a specific action (function). Facebook bots are notorious for spamming inboxes and flooding it with advertisements and other irrelevant messages.

Due to this, Facebook is very strict about keeping bots away from the space of Facebook application. If your account actions are suspicious enough and exhibit classic bot behaviour then Facebook might take away your certain account privileges or ban your account as a whole.

3. You may have got a bug in your system.

Bugs and glitches go hand in hand in causing a malfunction of any app. These type of errors are caused most of the time by application hangups or runtime errors, that mess with the functionality of an app.

They also oftentimes come and go away on their own, without any extra action needed to solve such conflict, from the user. Also on the flip side, there are some bugs present that are persistent and need to be fixed for an app to fully be able to function normally again.

As a result of these bugs and glitches, your app maybe showing an error.

4. Facebook server is down.

The fault could also be on the app’s part too. That’s certainly a possibility. Sometimes the servers may be down as a resultcausing errors within the app.

If that happens you will have to wait for the server issues to be resolved before you are able to use all the functions of the said app properly again.

How To Fix It?

Here are a few foolproof ways how you can fix the application: 

1. Wait For 24 Hours

Waiting for 24 hours after you have gotten the message “To prevent any misuse, we’ve temporarily restricted your ability to use this feature on Facebook. You can try again later” might be the best option.

Doing so will make you regain access to your privilege of using reactions again. This is the simplest way to resolve this particular issue without any hassle.

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2. Stop Using Auto Bots

The usage of Facebook bots for anything that it may be is strictly discouraged, and doing so will ultimately push your account towards a permanent ban.

3. Log Out, Then Log Back In

Logging out of your account and then back in will refresh the application and promote the solution to any errors that your application might be facing. 

4. Clear Facebook Cache

If you are using Facebook on the chrome browser, then you can try clearing up the cache and site data from the settings. Freshly logging in after that might resolve the problem too.

5. Update The Facebook Application

You could check if there are any updates for the Facebook application that has come up. Sometimes not updating the app to its current version restricts some of the functions of app. Everything should be back to normal once you have updated and then re-logged into your account.

6. Uninstall Then Reinstall Facebook

Restarting the Facebook application usually resolves the majority of problems. 

Run-time problems, flaws, and glitches can occasionally occur while the application is in use and briefly impair its operation.

So, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the application.

To Wrap It Up!

The above-written fixes are sure to fix your problem, and if the problem still persists even after the passing 24 hours, you should consider contacting Facebook directly by registering a complaint.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful.

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