5 Features of Blended Learning Education

5 Features of Blended Learning Education

Blended learning is a type of educational solution that involves many delivery modalities, such as collaborative software, web-based courses, electronic support system, and knowledge management processes. The term blended learning refers to a learning process that combines several event-based activities, such as face-to-face classes, live e-learning, and self-paced learning.

As technologies become more advanced in our lives right now, it will only be a matter of time until learning became “blended” due to a lack of resources. In this article, we will start by looking into the features of blended learning to fully understand it.

Online and Offline Learning

There are a variety of blended learning programs today, including flex programs and rotation courses. The one feature that these programs have in common is that they all blend some sort of online learning with some form of offline learning. Elementary students may take lessons through the Internet in a class with one or more advisors and assistants to assist them with their works. For college students other schools offer hybrid courses in which students can attend one class on site during the week and complete the remaining of their work at home through the Internet.


The most major benefit of these programs is that they can develop the element of independent learning among students. Since some students struggle with their classes because they learn differently than their peers. They may work better in lessons that involving more hands-on contact than in class requiring them to sit and listen when a professor is talking. Blended learning systems enables students to learn independently and to use the resources and tools that is offered to them in the most effective manner that will work for them. 

Teacher Involvement

Some common concern among parents is that blended learning programs may not give their children with the same level of instructor support that they would receive in a regular classroom setting. These courses always requires an instructor to be available and to help students with all of their needs. Students that are enrolled in online classes in a school setting where a teacher is present in the classroom. For thos students who take online classes from home can also communicate with their professors through discussion boards, any messaging tools, and via email. And the professors will have to check these platforms in order to respond to the students questions and concerns.

Peer Engagement

Most parents are concerned that their children that are engaged in blended learning programs would not spend as much time as they would in a regular classroom setting. Peer engagement is an important aspect of these programs. Those who are working in a classroom setting will have their peers seated right next to them, allwing them to collaborate on their tasks. Students who take online classes can communicate with each other through the class discussion board or forums, as well as other platforms. Some students find these programs motivating because they can interact with other students without the need of a professor’s help.

Support Students

Another feature of blended learning program is the convenience of student support. Though most students nowadays can perform basic computer tasks such as accessing the web and writing papers, they may also require assistance in analyzing online resources, choosing the finest materials, and putting together detailed reports and projects. Instructors in these programs provide students with all of the assistance and support that they need, both in online or in person. 

Key Takeaway

No matter their age, all children learn differently, and teaching strategies should reflect this by creating lesson plans that appeals to all types of learners. We will be able to enhance teaching and incorporate enjoyment with the effectiveness of integration of technologies. Because students will never outgrow their learning preferences, blended learning is more important than ever in all fields of studies, from education to business and to everyday life.

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