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Two words: school management system. Don’t you hate that phrase? Every time you research a new tool, you come across a phrase like “school management system” that makes your head spin. Every time you think about creating a document for your spouse for the day, you know you need to include the phrase “school management system,” but the struggle of when to actually use it just sends you down a rabbit hole. Should you only use it at school?

What is a school management system? With what kinds of features, goals, and purposes can it help a school achieve? How can you use one in your school?

We developed a concept for a school management system that integrates the student data from the school and the parents’ smartphone apps. This system makes the school management process personal, relevant, and hassle-free for both student and parents. The device’s sleek appearance and intuitive interface make it easy to move around and access information.

Traditional offerings are often clunky and limited – they don’t provide a unified platform for students and teachers, time management, and online grading.

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