Twisting Your Hair into a Bun or Knot is Fun, Simple, & Stylish!

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Twisting your hair into a bun or knot is fun, simple, and stylish. The twist might seem like a simple style, but it’s quite elegant and unique. There are several positives to this style — it’s small but still visible when you’re out and about because it doesn’t cover up all of your faces; it’s easy to achieve when you want to style your hair in the morning; it can be styled without damaging your hair with heat tools; and most importantly, twists allows me to get away from complicated braids or weaves which can sometimes feel like a commitment instead of an option.

Twisting your hair into a bun or knot is not only easy but fun to do. It’s also easy to style. You can add a headband or wear your hair up for a more sophisticated look. The twisted bun (or knot) also looks great when it falls out of the updo and starts to unravel. This style works especially well on long tresses or if you want to disguise an uneven or thinning texture of your curly hair. You could even pull off a “messy” twist because it just means you’re trying something new.

Get the right tools.

You don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror to get the look. The key is finding the right tools, then using them in the right order.

You’ll need a hair tie, bobby pin, or rubber band for this step — but not just any old one will do! The perfect bun will only come together with a perfect bun pin: Find one that has a smooth surface that won’t snag on your strands when you’re tying it up (and one that doesn’t have sharp edges).

Brush it out

If you’ve got long hair, brush it out before twisting your hair into a bun to make it easier to work with. If you’re going for a more stylish look, try twisting your hair into a bun without brushing it first.

Just twist

When you’re ready to start twisting your hair or curly extensions into a bun, start twisting! You don’t need any special tools or products to do this — grab some of your favorite barrettes or clips and get twisting! If you want to ensure everything stays in place while doing this, try wrapping something around the ends of your hair, like a scarf or bandana, before starting the twisting process.

Roll, twist, and secure

Rolling your hair into a bun or knot is one of the easiest ways to create an updo. It’s also great for those with short hair who don’t have enough length to create a full ponytail. The steps are pretty simple:

Step 1: Start by combing your hair down and back on the opposite side of where you want it to be twisted. This will help keep your twists from unraveling as you begin.

Step 2: Begin twisting your hair in small sections from one side of your head to the other, starting at the top and working your way down. Twist about two inches or so at a time until you reach the end of each section (about the width of two fingers).

Step 3: Once you’ve reached each section’s end, secure them with bobby pins (make sure they’re placed in strategic spots so they won’t break off). Then continue twisting down and around until you reach the base of your hair (where it meets with your scalp).

Step 4: At this point, begin wrapping some bobby pins around either side of your head (starting at the back) and securing them in place


Twisting the ends of your hair into a bun or knot is one of those styling tips that can bring dimension to your look. You can also try the passion twist hairstyle that is simple and easy to do, but it still looks great!

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