Entrepreneurs understand that being environmentally conscious is more vital than ever. Not only does our ailing planet require eco-friendly Cannabis Concentrate Packaging, but cannabis users do as well. Furthermore, in today’s oversaturated market, sustainable Cannabis Concentrate Packaging might help your brand stand out.

A dedication to sustainability also draws a critical market segment: Millennials. According to market research firm Nielsen Global, 73% of Millenials are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. Although there has been little cannabis-specific market research, it is safe to claim that most cannabis customers favour environmentally friendly brands.


Continue reading to learn about the advantages of sustainable Cannabis Concentrate Packaging and how SirePrinting is employing bioplastics to reduce carbon emissions without sacrificing product quality.

Your environmentally friendly Cannabis Concentrate Packaging… most likely isn’t:

To be honest, sustainability is difficult. Anyone can claim that a product is sustainable, eco-friendly, or “green,” and there is plenty of greenwashing on grocery shelves. “Greenwashing” occurs when a firm falsely indicates that their items are environmentally friendly when they are not. Just because a product has Earth-friendly advertising or a picture of a lovely farm doesn’t make it stand out from the crowd. Third-party certificates and tangible proof are important.

The same may be said for Cannabis Concentrate Packaging solutions. Is your product’s folding carton paperboard truly manufactured from recycled paper? And how would you know if it was? Furthermore, what are the trade-offs that occurred in order to obtain that benefit? For example, a low-carbon manufacturing approach may leak toxic chemicals into the water table. Alternatively, an environmentally benign product may actually emit more emissions throughout the shipping process due to the location of its manufacturing plant.

What Exactly Is Sustainable Cannabis Concentrate Packaging?

Sustainability vocabulary might be confusing for individuals who care about the environment. First, there’s the word “green,” which has no meaning. It implies a hazy aim to practise environmental stewardship. There are other more precise terminology such as “recycling” and “recycled.”

When we state a product is recycled, we mean it was made using reclaimed, non-virgin components that were previously utilised in other products. Recycled materials are frequently used as a percentage of the entire product; splicing in new material improves the performance of the reclaimed materials, which may be less durable. If a product is labelled “recyclable,” it can theoretically be recycled into specification-grade stock. Many locations lack suitable recycling infrastructure, further complicating what “recyclable” implies in the real world. 

“biodegradable” and “compostable”

 are frequently used in the Cannabis Concentrate Packaging sector. Marketing departments utilise them to demonstrate the sustainability of their products, but the real story is more nuanced. When a material degrades due to the natural action of microorganisms in the soil, it breaks down to a microscopic level in a very short amount of time. Compostable materials, on the other hand, decompose into plant-nourishing soil.

There is no overall biodegradability standard or certification. In addition, biodegradability is a difficult notion in and of itself. You may argue that all materials, including typical plastics, are biodegradable and will degrade into soil over time. However, for many plastic goods, this process can take hundreds of years. Cannabis Concentrate Packaging is considered biodegradable (BS EN 13432:2000) when it can be recovered by composting and biodegradation. However, the phrase is not without limitations: composting must be done in professional facilities, not in a backyard garden. As a result, when you see a marijuana product branded “biodegradable,” it’s usually a subjective promise.

How to Increase Sales Through Sustainability:


With so many aspects complicating being “green,” how can you directly communicate your environmental consciousness to consumers? After all, most consumers do not have the time to conduct comprehensive study on your manufacturing procedures and Cannabis Concentrate Packaging. That is why greenwashing is so effective; few individuals will take the time to thoroughly investigate a manufacturer’s claims.

Because Cannabis Concentrate Packaging is the first thing customers see when they try your product, it’s a vital part of your sustainability messaging. When possible, choose sustainable materials and make sure you indicate this on your label.

That branding — and the rest of your marketing — should represent your “greenness” in the same way that greenwashers do, but you have the qualifications to back it up. Display your certificates as much as possible. Make a note of any environmental certifications or recycled materials in your packaging, such as FSC Certified carton board or bioplastics, if possible.

Above all, incorporate sustainability into your brand story. 

Demonstrate a genuine concern

For the environment through your social media, website, and marketing. Giving back to environmental concerns with time and, if possible, money demonstrates that you care. It’s an opportunity to be open and honest, to exhibit your integrity, and to back up your objectives with a tale that goes beyond credentials.

Some packaging manufactured from sustainably derived materials can degrade the quality of your product, and the bottom line is that a packaging solution must preserve your product. Because the fidelity of recycled materials may differ from that of conventional materials, it is critical to achieve a balance. Your brand suffers if it cannot (along with your customers). That is not sustainable in any way. Packaging that is both ecologically friendly and effective is required. That is the SirePrinting philosophy.

The SirePrinting Pledge and Bioplastic Cannabis Packaging:

We use recycled and environmentally sourced products whenever possible. However, sustainability is a difficult issue. We understand that eco-friendly materials have limitations, and that the quality of your product is critical. This is why we advocate for more sustainable technologies while simultaneously “engineering around the problem.”

Minimalist packaging prevents waste from occurring, thus we prefer elegant, efficient designs regardless of whether recycled materials can be included. For example, SirePrinting is compact and uses recycled materials (and also maintains CPSC child resistant standards).

In an ideal world, your packaging would never end up in a landfill or need to be recycled – it would be reused over and over again. The SirePrinting MarBox and SirePrinting Secure Slide Matchbox boost the likelihood that your consumers may reuse your Custom Concentrate Packaging or use it as an on-the-go box. Hopefully, your customised label will linger with customers as a constant reminder of your merchandise.

The SecurSlide BP Matchbox is now available.

Our Custom Concentrate Packaging engineers created what we believe is the ideal blend of sustainability, reusability, and unrivaled product protection: the SecurSlide BP Matchbox. The latest version of our popular SecurSlide uses wheat straw resin in conjunction with traditional polystyrene to reduce carbon emissions by half.

Wheat straw is a completely renewable material. It’s a versatile resin created from otherwise wasted food production biomass that, when mixed with standard polystyrene, provides unrivaled durability and production protection. Following its use, the wheat resin blend can be recycled as #7 plastic.

The SecurSlide BP comes in two color options: black and natural. Both have a characteristic speckled pattern that reveals their eco-friendly components, and the natural color is an excellent choice for showcasing your dedication to sustainability. The SecurSlide is ideal for packing delicacies, concentrates, vape cartridges, and pre-rolls. Custom inserts, such as silicone liners for freshness protection, can be added to our six available sizes.

Do you want to try out the BP SecurSlide? Contact a SirePrinting representative right away. We’ll send you a sample of our bioplastic SecurSlide so you can see for yourself how the BP SecurSlide works for your product.

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