Pawna Lake Camping is a Perfect Weekend getaway to spend time under the Stars

pawna lake


If people from Mumbai and Pune consider a weekend getaway, Lonavala is one of the top destinations to visit in Mumbai. It is located close but far enough from the two cities, Lonavala is a perfect place to escape from the bustle and hustle of urban life. It is home to numerous tourist attractions including lakes, forts caves and adventure parks Lonavala is an amazing place to visit for visitors.

One of the numerous attractions that should be explored when you spend your time in this city is the well-known Pawna Lake camping which is well acknowledged for providing a wonderful camping experience. The lake is situated on an incline and is a must for anyone who loves nature. This lake actually is an old reservoir that was transformed into an artificial lake created from The Pawna Dam across the Pawna River.

You have now chosen to take a short trip in Pawna that you are very important to plan for the trip ahead. If you don’t have a plan in place you’ll be overwhelmed and won’t be able enjoy the trip in a fair way. The places like Pawna require a planned schedule and that’s the reason we have this post. Our article will be your personal pocket organizer for this excursion. We will discuss everything you should be aware of about this wonderful camping adventure. Therefore, without more delay, let’s figure this out!

When is the best time to go to this lake?

The first thing to be taken into consideration prior to traveling to any location is the time of year you will be there. Different places follow different itineraries to accommodate different seasons. However, for Pawna this will not be an issue since this destination has visitors all through the year. This allows visitors to keep track of their leave and other obligations.

The most popular time to visit this area is November, October and December. In these three months the beauty of nature is at its finest and is thought to be the best for camping. If you are looking to relax by the lake or taking on an sport like paragliding or adventure the months of November and December are thought to be the best time to do it. If you’re planning to visit in the winter months, you will be welcomed by the frigid air and pleasant weather. In the time of rain there is a lot of greenery and birds that are chirping all around.

In the end, regardless of which season you choose to visit Pawna It is guaranteed that you will have a wonderful visit if you’ve got everything in place and have followed the correct safety guidelines.


A brief itinerary for your journey This trip is the minimum you’ll need is 2 days to fully explore it. When your arrival at Pawna the main thing you will do is be surrounded by nature. After admiring the sunset while sipping an espresso and your family before heading out to engage in fun activities like dancing, singing or playing indoor board games. outside games like volleyball and badminton on the lake. enjoy a delicious dinner under the fire in the night sky of Pawna to unwind. at the dinner, go for a walk on the lake’s shores, that is an unforgettable experience and then settle down for an unwinding night’s sleep.

When you wake awake to the most gorgeous morning the second day is focused on exploring the exciting things to do and visiting places near. Take a paragliding flight, visit nearby hilltops and forts, enjoy to birdwatching and go to the famed Kondeshwar temple to grow spiritually. After you have completed your scheduled excursions, say goodbye to this stunning location and return home with a wealth of memorable memories with you.

There are a few places and activities should be enjoyed during Pawna.

Whatever time or what time of year you’re in the area there are some things you need to give the chance to try at Pawna. The best of these are described below!

Paragliding above the lake: you may have been around the lake for a while in your camping spot, but the view you see while paragliding is simply amazing. With the vast expanse of blues that are above and beneath you, paragliding can give you an amazing experience, which makes it a must for anyone who comes to this area.

Other than that many other wonderful spots are worth a visit. They include the Tung Fort and the Torna fort and Lohagad Fort, Lohagad Fort, and the Karla caves that offer mind-blogging landscapes.

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