Jewellery items a couple can buy together for their engagement ceremony

When it comes to shopping as a couple, there are variety of things which would require a joint effort. Couples often go for complementing outfits, jewellery, accessories and so on to express their romance and flaunt it. Especially jewellery pieces are considered the most subtle and sophisticated way to twin with your partner. But what kind of jewellery would be suitable for your engagement specifically?

Engagement is a big day for any couple and to make sure everything goes perfectly; we often plan the day ahead for months. Choosing the perfect jewellery would also take a lot of time and effort. Here we have listed a few such jewellery items which couples can get together for their engagement day.


Simple pendants which are unisexual are great choice for the engagement ceremony. Often you can also get box pendants which can hold a tiny picture of your better half. Encrusting such a pendant with precious stones like diamond, enhances its beauty exponentially. Lab diamonds UK are some of the most sought-after pieces to get such pendants made. These diamonds are more affordable and accessible to all. Moreover, they are ethically sourced without hurting the environment.


Brooches are worn by men and women alike. They look beautiful and have a practical purpose making them a useful choice for any type of outfit. Usually, men’s brooches look much simpler and toned down compared to women’s brooches. But using the right motif to design them, couples can get them custom-made to have complementary design. Though few people opt for brooches made of precious metals and stones, it can be a great option when you want to wear something special for the big day.


Rings are the essential part of the ceremony. You cannot leave them out. Whether you are getting any other jewellery or not, the rings will have to be bought for the day. Couples go for engagement rings which complement each other. It can be or any style and design with diamonds and other precious stones. Black diamond engagement ring have particularly gained popularity these days because they look unique. Many couple opt for these rather than conventional designs because they look so unique. You can be that one-of-a-kind couple that everyone looks up to for style quotient.


Unlike the traditional belief, bracelets can be worn by men and women alike. It all comes down to the design and whether both are comfortable with flaunting a jewellery. Couples can be plain metal band-bracelets which have engraved message for each other. They have a unique and personalized touch. You can make the engagement ceremony even more special by gifting each other such a jewellery piece to convey your feelings before everyone. It is a very romantic jewellery to opt for that will surely make your partner impressed about your efforts and understanding regarding any relationship.

Couples buy many things together when they are planning to get married. Especially for the engagement ceremony it is important for couples to shop for such things together to get a better idea. Particularly couple jewellery shopping would be very helpful to make sure your engagement ceremony is a success.

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