How to Tackle Stress While Preparing for the Defence Exam?

Defence Exam

Stress always ruins the situation even though everything is going so smoothly. The majority of defence aspirants end up spoiling their performance by getting extremely stressed during the exam preparation journey. Note that stress not only impacts your results but also makes you more prone to various health issues such as migraine, obesity and depression. Therefore, it is highly important to tackle stress while preparing for the defence exam.
In this article, we have shed light on the soulful tips that will help you manage stress while studying for any of the defence exams such as NDA, CDS and AFCAT. Well, half of your problem could be solved and you can easily get great relief from stress if you get the right guidance for the best exam preparation. So, if you are looking for the right platform where you can start your defence exam preparation, you can get the top recommendations on Search India.

Here are the marvellous tips that can help you tackle stress while preparing for the defence exam:

Connect with nature

Nature heals everything. Yes, it’s true. You can reduce your stress by connecting yourself with nature. Natural beauty such as greenery, mountains, lakes, flowers and plants can help you divert your mind. This way, you can easily forget about stress and feel happy from the inside. Moreover, spending some time in nature will boost your concentration and help you focus on your exam preparation. So, make sure to speed sometime in the lap of nature either in the morning or evening to feel fresh, active and stress-free.

Listen to soothing music

Music has the miraculous power to eliminate your stress within minutes. Well, not every type of music is suitable for everyone. So, if you don’t know what type of music can work for you, simply put on your earphones and turn on soothing music. Make sure to listen to the music with your eyes off and your body relaxed. Listening to soothing music at a low volume can lower your blood pressure and calm down your nerves. This way, you can easily tackle your stress and regain your energy and focus to study perfectly for the defence exam.


Aromatherapy is the process of using a variety of aromatic oils in order to cure mental and physical health. Studies have shown that essential oils and the ability to reduce your stress by more than 80%. The best part is, there is nothing hard to do with this therapy as you can simply do it at your home. Most people think that they need to move to a salon for this therapy, no, you just have to bring aroma oil from the market and diffuse it in your room. Here are some best choices for essential oils, you can choose any of them:
Not only aroma oils, but you also can follow a number of other methods to do aromatherapy in order to reduce stress. Some of the methods are facial treatment, hot shower, scented candles, bathing salts and massage oil. Well, if you think that diffusing oil will work better for you, make sure to diffuse the oil in your room before sleeping.

Consider natural supplements

There are plenty of natural supplements available in the market that aids in releasing stress and making you feel calm. A few suggestions for natural supplements along with their benefits are mentioned below:
Ashwagandha: This spice has extraordinary properties that assist in working on your general well-being. Adding this spice to your standard eating routine will help you in elevating your mindset.
Vitamin B: The supplement of vitamin B can be consumed on a regular basis. This nutrient assists in controlling sugar in your body and thus helps in bringing down blood pressure and stress level.
Omega-3 unsaturated fats: You can consume omega-3 unsaturated fats to improve your well-being and feel brilliant. The most ideal way to consume omega-3 normally is through chia seeds, flax seeds and fish.
Kava: You can utilize kava to treat tension turmoil. It is the best cure through which you can uplift your mood and further enhance sleep quality.

Surround yourself with happy people

The easiest way to reduce stress is just to surround yourself with cheerful and positive people, either your family or your friends. Share your problems with them to get the best solutions. The more you express yourself and share your feelings with them, the more you feel happy and forget about your stress. So, rather than sticking with your notes for the entire day, spend some quality time with your loved ones to tackle stress.
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Wrapping up:

To sum up, these are the marvellous tips that can help you tackle stress even though you encounter some stressful situations while preparing for the defence exam. So, follow these tips to plan a stress-free exam preparation journey.

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