How to Benefit from Clear Data’s HITRUST Certification and HITRUST Inheritance Program

How to Benefit from ClearDATA's HITRUST Certification and HITRUST Inheritance Program

The HITRUST CSF: What is it?

CSF stands for Common Security Framework. Security s, privacy, and risk certification call as HITRUST. The Health Information Trust Alliance offers it, which includes many Clear DATA customers. The CSF provides a set of security and privacy measures to help companies protect the PHI/PII responsible for processing. 

Both Covers Entities and Business Associates employ this structure. When defining an organisation’s rules and expectations for collecting, processing, and protecting PHI/PII, HITRUST uses a similar risk methodology. 

Its Levels 


It depends on a company’s size, complexity, and quantity of PHI. It holds access to employ three (3) primary levels. Compares more significant, more complex operations; smaller firms have fewer controls. In addition, as new national and international standards emerge. Health Information Trust Alliance CSF expands to incorporate them. 

For organisations subject to these standards and laws, these additional standards and rules may have other control requirements beyond HIPAA. 

The Benefit of Clear DATA HITRUST

2014 marks Clear Data’s first year of Health Information Trust Alliance accreditation. Then our firm completes four full certifications successfully. It continues to demonstrate our capacity to offer world-class security to our customers in the vastly complex environment of 2020. 


  • It enables us to concentrate on providing patients with top-notch medical equipment and services worldwide. 
  • The three leading cloud platforms—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 
  • It cover CSF certification. It is comparable to our ground-breaking accreditation from 2018.
  • The CSF splits into nineteen domains: access control, endpoint security, and mobile device security. 
  • Health Information Trust Alliance adjusts certification standards according to regulatory and organisational risks.
  •  In certain circumstances, the range of services offers public clouds, such as Infrastructure and Platform as a Service.
  •  Software as a Service typically constrains by its Certification (SaaS). Contrarily, It only works with healthcare institutions and software companies that support the industry.

Information regarding the Clear DATA HITRUST Inheritance Program


For our customers, obtaining Certification is more straightforward with the help of the Health Information Trust Alliance CSF Inheritance Program. By collaborating with a platform, solution, and service providers, testing requirements and associated expenses for fully controlling inheritance reduces.

HITRUST Inheritance: Why?

Numerous Clear DATA customers are seeking their certification to benefit from the Inheritance program’s significant evolution since its introduction in 2017. To manage the hard work of securing their sensitive data, healthcare companies should use it to simplify their CSF Assessments.

Although each Certification is different, many clients can inherit some controls from practically all 19 Domains. Therefore drastically decreasing their certification time and expense.

How Does the HITRUST Certification Audit Process Affect Inheritance?

Customers can save time and money using inheritance during the certification process. Some of our clients are capable of reducing the time. It takes to become certificate by more than two months.

From the very beginning of this process, Clear DATA collaborates with its clients. Staff members are ready to meet and review the assessment parameters with the assessors. Once a customer chooses their assessor and begins the certification process. 



Companies offer our perspective on what may be inheritable in HITRUST, which gives the helpful assessor information. They must concentrate their efforts on the control goals that the client owns. This ongoing accessibility ensures that the customer is always in the loop regarding expectations. The Risk & Compliance team examine the request. It approves if the request is appropriate for the solution that offers to their organisation. Response times and approval times are typically 24 hours.

The inherent controls prepare to apply to the customer’s report by their assessor. Then it submits to HITRUST one approval.

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