CPC31020 Certificate III in Solid Plastering

Working as a solid plasterer in the construction sector is a challenging, exciting, and hands-on creative job. In Australia and worldwide the construction industry is in a boom. This has invariably created a big demand for qualified and solid plasterers in Australia. Are you contemplating a course in solid plastering but aren’t sure of its requirements and process? Feeling puzzled about getting on track with your chosen career path? No more worries! Let this post be your guide.

Plasterers play an indispensable role in building and construction with apprenticeships and traineeships the main entry pathway. However, to succeed in this job role, you need to be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and expertise employers seek from you. Acquire the right qualification and training from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), to become an adept plasterer and work in this flourishing sector.

If working in the construction industry as a plasterer is your true calling, begin by building on your current qualifications and experience in this domain with building and construction qualifications.            

A plasterer’s job role is among the most renowned and in-demand professions for Australians who wish to create a career in construction. Qualifications in construction, particularly the CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering is a popular pick among tradies looking to upskill, reskill or reboot their career. Are you ambitious to make a future in solid plastering? Do you aspire to build a career that can help you generate a study income? If you are creative with an eye for detail and like working with your hands then studying the CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering is apt for you.  

CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering

CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering offered by Riverdale institute is the industry standard for assessing and acknowledging candidates’ professional knowledge, skills, competencies, and abilities. Earning a certification validates your knowledge, can boost your career, and set you apart from your peers.  

This qualification provides a trade outcome in solid plastering, covering work in residential and commercial applications. Training in solid plastering at Riverdale institute is flexible and focuses on matching your learning progress, with the on-the-job experience you gain as part of your course. Throughout your theoretical and practical learning sessions at Riverdale Institute, you’ll become well-versed with the principles, techniques, regulations, and required solid plastering skill sets to flourish in this sector.

Our course curriculum embraces engagement and participation. The progress of every apprentice or trainee is monitored regularly. All trainers and assessors at Riverdale Institute are qualified plastering professionals committed to providing quality outcomes for our students. 

Learning from Riverdale Institute features a student-centric approach, industry-oriented curriculum, hands-on practical solid plastering training, and interactive sessions for students with modern and extensive training facilities. High-quality training delivered by our distinguished faculty will help you enhance your plastering skills to attract hiring managers and deliver top performance. Want to explore never-ending job opportunities in one of Australia’s fastest-growing sectors with us?

Career Outlook

Riverdale’s CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering is a popular choice for many tradies wanting to upgrade their skills to advance and build a robust career in building and construction. Our graduates will be well-positioned to seek work in the burgeoning construction industry as a Solid Plasterer or Renderer.    

If you’re geared up to tackle bigger challenges and set up your own business with prior experience, then this vocational course is all you need.

Practical Experience

Riverdale Institute gives its students a great chance to learn beyond the walls of a classroom and an opportunity to work with professional trainers with strong connections to the industry. On-the-job training with your employer is combined with student-centric training and assessments with our trainer, as part of this work-based learning model. 

This helps our students to apply their knowledge to practice and thereby gain real-world experience. This is the part of our CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering course that makes our graduates job-ready as soon as they finish their studies. Sounds interesting?

Entry Requirements

CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering at Riverdale Institute comprises a total number of units: 20 units of competency (15 Core units+5 Elective units) you need to complete in a span of 96 weeks. Students also need to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment and a Pre-training Review (PTR). 

To Sum Up

Steered towards providing skilled plasterers to the industry, Riverdale Institute has made innovation a part of its curriculum successfully backed by an industry-pro approach, hands-on learning opportunities, expert interaction, compulsory practical placements, and vigorous innovation culture. Interested in creating a career in solid plastering with us? Get the valuable mentorship you need to be a job-ready plasterer. 

The CPC30120 Certificate III in Solid Plastering from Riverdale Institute is structured to suit your ambition. Get it now!

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