5 of the Best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer

Desert Camping


The stunning “golden cities of Rajasthan” is where you can find Forts, dunes and forts, and numerous desert camps. A few of the attractions that draw tourists to taking a trip here include The Thar desert Jain temples, impressive Sand dunes, majestic palaces, majestic forts and magnificent forts.

Jaisalmer is a well-known tourist destination, is a sea of places for camping in Jaisalmer. The choice of the best camp to enjoy your trip is crucial since the level of comfort of your stay will affect the overall experience of your trip quite plenty.

However, since picking one of the hundreds of camp options available can be very tiring and overwhelming, we have narrowed the choice to just five campsites. This article will discuss the top 5 camp sites for dessert that are well at and most highly rated to provide excellent services at affordable prices. Let’s have an look at these stunning alternatives for accommodation in Jaisalmer!

The Royal Desert Camp:

An award-winning campsite for 2013 and 2014. The royal desert camp has the most luxurious tents that are designed in the Mewar style, with an outside verandah, large bathroom and bedroom, ensuring that you will have a restful and enjoyable stay. The highly trained chefs here will send your taste buds in awe with their mouthwateringly delicious Rajasthani food.

Then but it will be an evening bonfire that is decorated by Rajasthani Folk dancers, and performers for you to entertain for the duration of. BBQ facilities as well as currency exchange, bars, and even a bar are just some of the other facilities available to keep you on top of your enjoyment. For those who are serious about adventure They also offer a desert jeep safaris as well as the most sought-after by adrenaline junkies Desert bike tour.

A stay in Thar and then spending the evening watching the sunsets on the gorgeous dunes, before dipping into the entertaining spectacle of puppets, juggling and camel rides are will be a part of your wonderful memories for a lifetime. The best part is that it all can arrange for in a budget that costs just Rs 4000 for a night.

Oasis camp Sam

This lively place will capture your attention the minute you enter it, with its beautiful antique artifacts.

The amenities offered by the camp include air-conditioned bedrooms with long beds, parking for free entertainment and staff and a free breakfast for care hire kids’ activities, and other amenities. Additionally you will also be able to enjoy the thrill of a the desert camel safari as well as jeep safari.

If you’re concerned about the cost of these 5 star experiences, take a break since this fantastic camp comes for a reasonable price of only 2500 rupees. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Prince desert camp:

Imagine luxurious camps retaining a village ambience. It sounds pretty impossible isn’t it? But not at Prince the desert camp. You will step into an ideal blend of village ambience and luxurious luxury. The clean and well-maintained camp takes an approach that is minimalistic and makes your stay pleasant by letting you escape the urban lifestyle, without sacrificing your luxury.

The chefs from the local area will serve exquisite Rajasthani cuisine for you, making you be by Rajasthani flavors. Services for camels and jeep safaris are there. Are you concerned about the cost? It’s only Rs 4500, which is a reasonable amount due to the quality of the services that will you get. So, what do you have to be waiting for? Take a break! !

Rajputana Desert Camp Jaisalmer:

The next one on of our lists is the well-known Rajputana Desert Camp of Jaisalmer that was previously only available to local Maharajas. The lavish treatment is now available for everyone to enjoy for a price at INR 4000. Far from the city pollution and in close proximity to nature, this location is known for its the highest level of satisfaction to customers.

From adrenaline-inducing quad biking on dunes to relaxing bonfires with the sounds of tribal dancing The camp offers everything. The multicuisine restaurant they have on offer is sure to have you fully indulged by the delicious traditional dishes. There are outings like parasailing with Sam bonfires, music at bonfires as well as tribal dances, and desert safari.

Sky desert safari camping:

living up to the name, this camp provides a wonderful opportunity for stargazing in the night. With 20 luxury tents with comfy beds and bathrooms attached, this camp strives to offer the best experience for its guests. The locals will welcome you in the traditional style in Tikka Dastori, you’ll be welcomed into a stunning setting with lamps that are decorated, making the space very attractive. 

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