5 Design Tips for Your Customized Polo Shirts

5 Design Tips for Your Customized Polo Shirts

Everybody is aware of how elegant and classy polo shirts look. This kind of shirt is essentially a simple, understated shirt with a logo embroidered on the left breast position. This actually makes it the reason why many brands opt to purchase customized polo shirts with embroidery or printing for their promotional products. In fact, polo shirts with personalized logos are a typical sight in the sports business as well as on most high streets. Many professional athletes love these shirts because they have that laid-back-yet-smart vibe. But how can you be certain that the polo shirt with your company’s emblem is as fantastic as it can be?

Polo shirts are very frequently worn by tennis and golf players, giving them the appearance of being athletic chic. Consider who will wear the shirt, the setting in which it will be worn, and the brand identity you want to build before making the decision to buy embroidered polo shirts for your company.

Polo shirts are among the common fashion pieces that can be found in many people’s wardrobes today. The design is versatile, strong, and immensely practical. It has not lost any of its high performance reputation through the years, and because of its durability, it has evolved into a fashion classic in its own right.

Actually, sometimes, the simplest-looking things can be the hardest to pull off. This article will provide you with some design tips that you can apply to your customized polo shirts — keep on reading to learn more.

Be Creative

The tactile aspect of embroidery is not available in screen printing. Because you can experiment with the design, working with embroidery can be fun. For instance, if you use thread that is close to or the same color as your shirt, it will provide an is-it-there-or-is-it-not effect that, if noticed, would draw attention.

Less is More

Try to keep the design simple — whether you choose screen printing or embroidery. This is particularly significant if you have chosen embroidery. Think of using text and straightforward line graphics. It is more likely to appeal to your customers than an intricate or abstract design. You might want to customize your brand’s logo first if it is complex or too detailed for a polo shirt. If you want to keep things simple and straightforward, highlight the key components. Otherwise, the finished item can have embroidery problems.

Embroidery Hits Different

In general, embroidery produces the best results when used on polo shirts. This is due to the fact that printing on to the fabric, which often has a more rough weave than other clothes, might present practical difficulties. Another important component of polo shirt history is embroidery, which brings to mind the logos on garments by brands like Lacoste and Fred Perry and therefore heightens the sense of legacy and heritage that a polo shirt can convey.

Since screen printing is simple, everyone presumably uses it. But then, choose embroidered logos over screen-printed ones if you genuinely want your shirt design to appear higher-quality. That will make you stand out from the crowd right away.

Keep it Simple

Simple designs produce the greatest results when used for embroidery. A huge or too complex design will weigh down the fabric, causing it to pull and deform the contour of the garment because thread is heavier than many types of printing. It is also preferable to keep smaller embroidery simple because cramming too many colors and lines into a pattern could result in a finished product that looks unkempt rather than neat.

Use Special Threads

You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful threads to create your design. There are many other alternatives available for these, including metallic, neon, pearl cotton, Persian yarn, rayon floss, silk threads, and many more. This will depend on the image you are going for, but it will be worthwhile if you want to stand out with your polo shirts.

Key Takeaway

In the process of choosing the perfect design for your customized polo shirts, it is important to remember to always keep your design simple. The shirts are looking good as is, and you are just about to add a little bit of a touch-up. Keep in mind the design tips above, and you will definitely score a classy and elegant look for your polo shirt.

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