Tips To Improve Speed And Accuracy In The Quants Section


Well, in this article we are going to discuss the subject that gives goosebumps to lakhs of candidates setting targets for the government exams. We are pretty sure that you have got an idea of the subject that we are going to discuss. Yes, the quant section of the government exams triggers anxiety in so many government exam aspirants. Many candidates miss their attempts because they lack the proper preparations for the quant section of the government exams.

The quantitative aptitude section, which is also considered the most dreadful section, requires regular practice from the candidates. It is hard to prepare for this section with utmost efficiency within such a limited time frame.  This article will acquaint you with the easiest ways to take your quant section preparations to the next level. Remember, besides regular practice, you have to manage to master time management skills and planning skills to cross the sectional cut-off score. 

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Improve your speed and accuracy in the quants section of government exams by embracing the tips mentioned below:

  • Practice some shortcuts and tricks 

Many candidates can solve the question of the quant section without using short-cut skills. Well, that’s excellent but not the right approach to attempt the quant section. Because you will have a very short time slice to solve each question of the section. Therefore, you have to utilize some shortcut skills to solve the question within such a limited time slice. There are so many shortcut skills that you can utilize to reduce lengthy and arduous calculations. If you implement the shortcut skills then, for sure you will be able to solve maximum questions in a limited frame of time. 

  • Learn squares, cubes, and tables 

Learning the tables to 35 is necessary to ace the quant section of the government exams.  Additionally, don’t forget to learn the squares till 45 and cubes till 35. If you successfully learn this then, this can improve your speed while solving the sum and get you the actual answer in just a few seconds. Also, this will let you have more time to pay attention to other questions as well. You will be able to score more than the expected marks if you learn the tables, squares, and cubes. 

  • Focus on clearing your basics 

While preparing for the quantitative aptitude section, you have to maintain a distance from cramming. Instead of cramming the concepts, focus on understanding the basics of the quants section syllabus. In fact, when you understand the concept’s basics then, it can become manageable for you to solve the cunning questions within a minute. Thus, spend time understanding the basics of the concepts and practicing for them over and over on a daily basis. If you are preparing at home, then watch some excellent youtube channels that help the government exam aspirants by elaborating on the concepts in a very well manner. 

  • Pen and paper

There is no denying the fact that some questions in the quant section can be solved without using pen and paper. But to maintain accuracy, you must use a pen and paper to keep track of your calculations. In fact, you will come to see the questions that you can’t solve without using a pen. Thus, always carry your pen and paper when you are preparing for the quant section of the government exams. You will get a pen and paper during the actual exam to avoid any confusion while solving the sums. 

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Lastly, we would like to advise you to study for each and every section as many candidates stay busy with the quants section all the time. Don’t let yourself be dedicated to the questions of the quants section only. Furthermore, please makse sure to study each concept of the syllabus to score well in the quants section. 

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