Tips to Choose the Right Moving Company in Mumbai

Moving Company in Mumbai

Searching for a reliable moving company might be challenging. Most of the complaints about moving companies were about lost or broken items, but there were also complaints about being late, being charged for unworked hours, and not sticking to estimates. Moving day is already stressful enough without your things showing up broken or with a bill you didn’t expect. To avoid this, you’ll need to check out any moving companies you might hire. It doesn’t take much longer and can save a lot of trouble. Here are some easy steps to follow when picking packers and movers in Mumbai.

Finding the Right Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Do Some Research

First, do some unofficial research to find out which moving companies have the best prices and services.

Send an email to your friends to see if they have any tips or warnings about movers they have used in the past.

If the companies you’re interested in give you quotes, call those references.

Once you have narrowed down your options, check with the Better Business Bureau again about any moving services you might use.

If many people have said bad things about one of these companies, you shouldn’t use it.

Try to Get As Many Quotes As You Can

For moves across state lines, the final price will depend on how heavy your things are, how far they need to go if they need to be packed, and other services. Get at least two or three quotes a long time before you move.

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After using online tools to narrow down your choices, you may also want to talk to a relocation advisor in person or even want them to come to your house.

In this way, the expert can examine your belongings and provide an exact cost estimate for the relocation.

When you talk to the packers and movers in Mumbai, ask them if their estimates are binding or not. Don’t agree to a price quote over the phone.

Make Sure the Moving Company Knows Everything that Needs to be Moved

Make sure the mover knows exactly what needs to be moved. This is because the cost will go up if something is ordered for delivery that wasn’t included in the original estimate.

Also, make sure the mover knows about any exceptional circumstances that could make a move more challenging.

For example, will it be hard to find a place for the moving truck to park at your new house?

If the movers have to park far away, you may have to pay them more because they have to walk farther to get your things to your new home.


Hiring good packers and movers in Mumbai will save you a lot of the stress that comes with moving. So, if the thought of loading and driving a big moving truck makes you nervous, you should find a good moving company you can trust at the top of your moving checklist. This, of course, depends on your budget, how far you’re moving, your health, and how hard your move is. With the tips above, you should be able to make your move as easy and pleasant as possible.

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