Little Known Ways To Use Credit Card For Online Shopping

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The best credit card for online shopping is typically safe, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some hazards.

While you can’t prevent a data breach at your favorite retailer, you can spend wisely to make it more difficult for hackers to obtain your information and commit credit card fraud.

What Makes Credit Cards Preferable For Online Shopping?

Using the best credit card for online shopping is a better choice for the following reasons:

  1. Make Easy EMI Payments

With the best credit card for online shopping, you may make all your fantasy purchases without having to pay a large sum of money all at once. Simply swipe the card to turn large-ticket purchases into manageable EMIs you may pay back over time. Popular e-commerce companies also offer no-cost EMI options on some credit cards, so you won’t have to pay any interest on that transaction. 

  1. Accumulate Rewards

Although certain debit cards now allow you to earn reward points every time you swipe them, credit cards have long provided this feature. You may also earn reward points and air miles when you make a purchase. The quantity of reward points gained is determined by the kind of card used and the type of transaction. Bajaj Supercard, for example, allows you to earn five times more reward points when you use the card to pay for dining or department store purchases, while the Bajaj RBL Supercard provides ten times more rewards when you buy online with partner retailers and 5x rewards on other online assets.

  1. Improved Fraud Prevention

The government has recently paid close attention to data theft and cybersecurity breaches. As a result, numerous credit card firms have upgraded their security and card monitoring features, making credit cards a more innovative and secure method to purchase online. Even if someone has full access to your credit card information, they cannot conduct any transactions since your card is PIN protected. You must also input the OTP obtained on your registered cellphone number to validate the transaction, adding extra protection.

  1. Improved Dispute Resolution

You can file a dispute with your credit card provider when you report a fraudulent credit card transaction. They will look into the situation and make a basic inquiry to ensure that the transaction was fraudulent. The money will be returned to your account. Dispute resolution is also possible with debit cards, albeit it may take longer to settle.

  1. Credit Development

Another major reason to charge your shopping costs on credit is that it will help you develop credit. When you use a debit card to make a transaction, the money is debited immediately from your account. They may offer you certain incentives but do not assist you in building credit or reporting your account activity to credit bureaus. On the other hand, credit cards are short-term, and by paying the EMIs on time, you are developing a positive credit history. Your credit score will only rise if you continue to practice responsible behavior.

How To Use Credit Cards For Shopping Online?

Online buying with a credit card is typically safe these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some hazards.

While you can’t prevent a data breach at your favorite retailer, you can spend wisely to make it more difficult for hackers to obtain your information and commit credit card fraud. You can secure your credit card information and online shopping experience through awareness, maintenance, and additional levels of protection.

  • Many credit cards include reward or point schemes that make it advantageous to use such cards for specific transactions.
  • Credit cards frequently provide consumer safeguards such as warranties, insurance coverage, and fraud prevention.
  • The card issuer may provide several privileges, but keep in mind that the money to cover those amenities has to come from someplace—and that somewhere is usually the wallets of unwary consumers who have failed to pay on time.


Consider credit cards to be a convenience rather than a need. It’s good to accumulate points on your credit card, but not if you’re paying big sums of interest to the card company. You should not use your card for cash advances for the same reason. You frequently wind up paying a higher interest rate and begin paying interest as soon as you make the withdrawal, unlike traditional card transactions, which have a grace period.

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