How to Fix the Most Common Outlook Errors

If your Outlook application has stopped working, you may have encountered errors such as Not Implemented. Here are some troubleshooting steps for the most common mistakes and other less common situations. You may want to disable hardware graphics acceleration. Whether your PC has hardware graphics acceleration enabled or disabled, you may still experience some problems.


Sometimes, you may receive emails from Outlook without a body or content. This can be very frustrating. The cause of this error may be an issue with your pii email_1636a48bbad506fb6d779 server settings or hardware acceleration. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions that you can try to fix this problem yourself.

Another common cause of this error is a damaged PST file. This can cause the PST to become unreadable. The best way to resolve this problem is to check the PST and make any necessary changes.

The most common cause of this error is a corrupt PST file. A good solution is to download a professional PST repair tool and use it to fix the corrupted PST file. This is an easy solution to the error, as it requires minimal manual work. Using a PST repair tool can also help you restore deleted emails.

Microsoft Outlook Has Stopped Working

If you’ve noticed that your Microsoft Outlook program has stopped working, there are a few things you can do to resolve the problem. First, ensure the program isn’t running a significant, time-consuming process. It’s also essential to ensure that the latest Windows and Office updates have been installed. Once installed, you can launch Outlook and check whether the problem has been resolved.

If Outlook isn’t responding anymore, your computer may be experiencing a hardware or software issue. This can cause the application to freeze. Many things, including resource-heavy add-ins, can cause this. To fix the problem, first, you can disable the add-in.

Not Implemented Error

If you are getting a Not Implemented Outlook error, you may have downloaded a virus or an outdated version of Outlook. Luckily, there are a few easy solutions to this problem. Follow these steps to fix the Outlook not implemented error and get back to sending and receiving emails.

The first step to fix the Not Implemented Outlook error is to disable any Add-Ins causing the error. Alternatively, you can roll back any Windows 10 updates that have caused the error. You can generate a new Outlook profile from scratch if none of these methods works.

After uninstalling any add-ins, you can open Outlook in safe mode and try to fix the problem there. This way, Outlook will start with all its add-ins disabled. After removing the add-ins, you can check if the problem is in them. Open MS Outlook, click on the File menu, and select “Options”. From there, click on the Add-ins menu in the left-hand corner.

Error 0x80040154

If you are experiencing Error 0x80040154 with your Outlook program, you can run the program in safe mode. This method can be helpful if your system has been infected with viruses and malware. After downloading and installing an antivirus application, you can scan your computer to find out whether any viruses are present. Once you have removed any viruses, try receiving and sending emails again. You can try locating the program causing the error and uninstalling it if the error persists.

A virus also causes error 0X80040154. To prevent this problem from occurring, you should use an antivirus that is updated regularly. It is essential to update your antivirus regularly, as new malicious software is released daily. Likewise, it is crucial to clean Outlook of all harmful files to prevent future problems.

Outlook Search not Working

There are a few different reasons you may see these most common outlook search errors, and thankfully, there’s a fix that is easy to apply. The first problem is that your search index is not complete. The indexing of the Microsoft Windows and Office system data files may not be finished, so you may only get partial search results. Even worse, you may find items you expected to appear but don’t. To fix this error, you must rebuild your search index.

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