Advantages Of A Table Booking Management System For Restaurants

As a diner, when you think about Favouritetable, you probably think about the convenience of booking a restaurant online. However, the recent buzz has left some diners wondering, “Is Favouritetable¬† as good for my favourite restaurants as it is for me?” Well, we certainly believe it, and here’s the how and why. Favouritetable’s most popular product for restaurants is the electronic reservation book, which replaces the traditional paper and paper reservation book. It’s the touchscreen system you see when you check in at the restaurant host booth. Before most diners discovered, restaurants bought the Electronic Reservation Book to help them manage reservations, assign tables, recognize returning diners, and remember their preferences. Here are the advantages of a table reservation management system for restaurants by Favouritetable:

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1) Provide more convenience to customers.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to sit at the table. But there is nothing more frustrating for them than when they dream of their favorite meal and call to book, only to find that their phone is busy. Most don’t have the time to keep calling or the patience to be on hold, so they will likely go elsewhere. Online booking through favouritetable, where customers only need to provide a few details and tap book, helps avoid such a potential loss of business.

2) Reduce the risk of human error.

With staff busy working with existing customers, it’s understandable that sometimes they forget to write down all the details of a phone booking they just answered, or put it in the wrong book or on a bad day. With online ordering, such errors are no longer a problem as customer bookings are uploaded directly to your restaurant reservation system in real time. Booking requests in the system can also be reported to Management and processed immediately to prevent problems.

3) Queue Management

Waiting leads to angry customers, especially if they don’t know the exact wait time and feel like they’ve been in line for too long. An intelligent table management system that Favouritetable offers allow you to add customers to the queue and give them an estimated waiting time. Waiting times can be accurately predicted when the table management system is integrated with your POS as it then knows about the tables in progress, the number of people and orders placed at each table. All of this data can be used to predict wait time with high accuracy. This also empowers staff to schedule waiting times with great confidence and certainty.

4) Reservation Management

The guidelines for reopening restaurants are among the strictest in the country. New health guidelines have mandated that they sometimes reduce their seating capacity by up to half. That means those restaurants whose dining areas are usually packed to the brim will be in trouble. However, reservation software lets you quickly and accurately monitor your restaurant’s capacity. There are several ways to do this: You can use the software to set a maximum limit on the number of guests in your restaurant at any time. Every time a guest leaves, the software informs you of the number of tables available. Another way is to use the flow control feature to manage the number of parties or events that can book reservations in a given period. These methods keep you from cluttering your dining room and violating health protocols.

5) Layout of the dining area

Many restaurants have filled their dining rooms with tables to accommodate as many guests as possible. Unfortunately, it is now banned in many states, no thanks to covid-19. Health protocols in some states require that there be up to 10 feet of space between tables. Of course, that means the restaurant has fewer tables to work with. With Favouritetable’s reservation software, you can optimize your existing tables and optimize them. They allow you to create/save backup layouts and block tables by syncing them with your POS floor plan. Your guests can also reserve free tables in real-time days or weeks in advance.


With COVID-19 on the horizon, safety is more important than ever. In the current scenario, reservation management systems can make a real difference for your restaurant. On any given day, customers would prefer to pre-book their reservation and avoid contactless dining as much as possible. In this highly competitive era, you can create your own space by offering your customers a seamless, Favouritetable reservation management system. Ultimately, customer satisfaction translates to more business and higher profits for your restaurant brand.

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