6 New Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones in 2022

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Giving a good gift is an art. The perfect gift can lift someone’s spirit and improve a relationship. It can correct a wrong move or remind your loved ones that they are important to you. Humans are a very social species. One thing that sets us apart is the relationships we create and maintain with others. Giving gifts, on holidays, birthdays, graduations, and weddings is a great way to strengthen these relationships. It is better to present it well, as well in custom packaging boxes. For this purpose, you can use printed gift card boxes that look classy.

Psychologists have long been fascinated by gift-giving. The reason is that gift-giving can give insight into many other important human traits. For example, we perceive others, value things, identify decision-making abilities and empathize. From sausages to silk flowers, you too can shop like a queen!

Gift-giving has also become an expensive affair

For example, consumers in the U.S. are estimated to spend $942 on Christmas gifts this year, up from $885 in 2018, while total gift spending is expected to exceed $1 trillion. The wrong approach is getting more and more expensive.

Gift-giving is a social ritual that requires careful thought and consideration, no matter the occasion. So are there rules to follow? That’s why we interviewed some experts and created a short guide to gift-giving. Here are five important buying decisions.

Don’t Add Small Gift Card To Big Ones

Why not wear a tie with an expensive shirt? A big bottle of champagne and flowers? Do not want. When we receive gifts, we unconsciously tend to average out their value, and adding a small gift to a larger one weakens the latter’s impact.

It is known as the “regulator paradox” and was first discovered in a 2012 study of the same name. Participants were offered a different iPod or downloaded a song for free. When asked what price they would buy an iPod, respondents who got a cheap iPod download rated it 20 percent lower than those who didn’t. On the other hand, when asked what gifts they would give, most chose the download option, suggesting that when it comes to gifts, people don’t understand that less is more (sometimes).

Give Experiences Instead Of Things

A new iPhone can get old very quickly. But a great vacation or concert with your favorite artist is a memory that will last a lifetime. Experiences tend to be more thoughtful and create more vivid memories. You probably remember the tablet a friend or loved one bought you, but not as much as a two-week vacation in Florida. You’re more attached to memories and feelings than objects.

In other words, this is why we should look at experience instead of physical objects. Research published by psychologist Thomas Gilovich shows that money spent on “doing” can make you more permanently happy than money spent on “owning.”

The experience also creates a sense of anticipation that makes the days and weeks leading up to the event more enjoyable.

Gift Card Is A Good Idea

Giving gifts is a waste of time. But gifts are different because you’re not buying something for yourself. So we might spend $10 on something worth less than $10 to the recipient. It might not be worth mentioning to them at all”.

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One thing has the same value for everyone. money. In some cultures, giving money is popular on certain occasions, but it’s not for everyone and may be seen as lazy or insulting.

What’s the next best way? “Gift cards have become more popular over time. And they’ve been popular with recipients,” Ward-Fogel said.

Gift card isn’t perfect. We’re seeing a decline in value, with billions of dollars in gift cards not being returned every year. But it’s a better choice than a rushed or poorly chosen gift.

Think From The Receiver’s Perspective How Beautiful Gift Card Is

The idea is to be simple. Buy what the recipient will buy for themselves. It seems obvious, but it’s not as obvious as it seems. Gifts are often treated as a joke to get the recipient to change their behavior or say something about themselves, rather than doing them a favor (happiness).

The first good question to ask is. There’s now a conversation going on among family members about how to give the gift everyone wants, rather than (blindly) buy it. Pack your gifts in a different and stylish way. For this purpose you can use magnetic closure gift box to pack your gifts. This packaging will give a luxurious look to your gifts.

Spend Your Money On Others Instead Of Yourself

The last rule is irrefutable. Spending money for others can boost happiness, a study found. Also, when you give someone something they like, your good feelings last longer than when you spend money on yourself Gnblogs.

The world’s first printed Christmas card has arrived in time for the festive season. While it’s important to take care of yourself, don’t forget to be more generous with those around you.

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