Solve Your Security Guard Management Issues with Automation

Solve Your Security Guard Management Issues with Automation


Security guard management is a huge issue in today’s world. The rise of the digital age has made the hiring process even more complicated, with companies having to deal with all kinds of security guard candidates. Guard management is a process that has been around for quite some time. It’s typically handled by human beings who are on the front line of the operation, and they must have the ability to oversee all aspects of it from start to finish.

This solution helps organizations solve their issues about security guard management by automating their recruitment process and streamlining their hiring process. Security guards are one of the most important assets of an organization. Their role is to protect the property and people from any kind of harm whether it is intentional or unintentional. The security guard has to ensure that no incident takes place within their territory.

The main challenge for organizations is that they don’t have enough trained security guards to meet their demands and requirements. This leads to a shortage of security officers, which in turn returns in higher costs of hiring new employees who are not equipped with enough skills and expertise.

To solve this problem, there are many ways for organizations to automate their security guard management processes using technology. In this article, we will discuss some of the methods:

1. Automation through Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be used as an effective tool for monitoring activities at a target location or area where you want your security officers to monitor and record video footage 24/7. You can use it daily or even hourly basis if you want more frequent updates on what’s happening around your premises or just want an overall view of what’s going on inside your premises at any given time.

You can also use it as part of an incident management plan by recording any suspicious activity that may be taking place in your premises or near your premises such as vandalism. Thus, Smart Workforce is a comprehensive workforce management software. This solution allows security companies to avail the services of guard management through security guard scheduling software.

2. Fast Response

Your guards are exposed to risks and threats when they are on duty. The criminals target the security guards in cases like break-ins, robberies, theft, or even attacks to clear a path for themselves.

Security personnel needs to be attentive, well-armed, and skilled in such situations. When necessary, a security guard scheduling software can assist them in summoning assistance or emergency measures.

Smart Workforce offers capabilities including onboarding, QR code scanning, patrolling history, and authentication. In an emergency, these capabilities enable the supervisors to quickly dispatch assistance to the guards. As a result, you can react quickly and be safe.

3. Legal Actions

You can keep the information on the guards secure for several months or even years using security guard scheduling software. Consequently, it is simple to determine a guard’s whereabouts on a previous occasion.

As security services are a risky industry, the client holds the guards accountable in the event of a theft, break-in, attack, or robbery. There is a risk of disagreements, and clients may file a lawsuit against the business or threaten to do so.

Thus, the reports about your security guards help you defend your interests against such lawsuits in such a situation. To prevent legal actions and lawsuits, you can offer these reports. These technologies assist you in gathering information, such as site tours and location tracking, that supports the security personnel.

4. High Turnover

The high turnover rate among contract security guards might be a problem because it drives up the expense of continuing hiring and training. Ineffective security guards may be working a shift at any one time due to the continual turnover of new personnel. This could reduce their overall efficacy.

Therefore, security guard scheduling software that is built for quick adaption turns into a vital tool for onboarding since it graphically depicts actual standards and anticipated outcomes.

5. Demotivation and Fatigue

Security guards may work different shifts, but they must always be on high alert to ensure the facility’s and its assets’ security while on patrol.

It makes sense that the repetitive nature of patrolling the same route every day could wear one out. In the meanwhile, some sites, such as those with multiple levels or difficult terrain, can be highly physically challenging to patrol. Anyone’s body and spirit might be affected by the demanding labor, which can lead to exhaustion and demotivation.

Hence, security guards can concentrate on things that are crucial to finishing their jobs by using security guard scheduling software. Thereby, eliminating monotonous manual tasks. Having innovative solutions at their disposal also increases security guards’ self-assurance and output.

6. Better Communication

Security guard scheduling software should have multiple ways for users to report incidents. These include emailing reports or sending text messages using a cell phone or PDA device. This feature allows for easier communication between users and managers without having to wait for emails or text messages that may take days or even weeks to arrive at their destination.

A good solution must also have user-friendly features that make it easy for users to use it effectively. For example, some software programs may feature an online chat feature that allows customers or clients to contact security providers directly through email or telephone numbers. This makes customer support easier, faster, and more efficient; in addition to making hiring and scheduling processes more efficient.


All in all, to manage your organization’s security guards effectively, you need an automated system that can do this for you. The key is to find a system that can help you manage your security guard staff more efficiently and effortlessly.

There are many benefits to using an ideal security guard scheduling software. The such solution must be flexible, allowing you to schedule your guards and make changes easily. You should be able to have the ability to add or delete shifts and adjust them as needed. It must also be able to handle different types of jobs, including those that require multiple guards.

Thus, by having an automated guard management solution, security companies can manage and control their staff more easily and efficiently.


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