Uttarakhand’s mysterious lake – Roopkund Lake – is a must-see for the avid hiker. The Roopkund trek is a moderate trek with a beautiful view of mountain rivers, exciting ridges, lush forests, and picturesque meadows. The trek starts from Lohajung and takes you through an altitude of 16,99 feet during which you will see the picturesque villages of Bedni Bugyal, Wani, and Didna. The zigzag and snowy road offers the best views of Roopkund Lake, and Neelganga River and also offers a memorable meditation experience at the Kalu Vinayak can also visit pangarchulla trek.


The Roopkund trek from Lohajung takes you through the small villages of Bedni Bugyal, Wani, and Dedni and also offers mesmerizing views of the Garhwal Himalayan peaks. Pass hundreds of flowering rhododendrons and oak trees and catch a glimpse of the Himalayan Magpie as you approach the pristine Roopkund Lake and Neelganga River. The sight of the black stone Lord Ganesha at the Kalu Vinayak Temple makes the trekking experience unforgettable. 

 Second-highest peak nanda Devi

As you continue your zig-zag path to reach 16,99 feet amidst the icy wind, you will have an amazing view of Nanda Devi, the second-highest peak in India. The entire distance of 53 km is covered in 8 days. Share your travel experience with your group while relaxing at a Himalayan campsite. Rich breakfast, lunch, and dinner (vegetarian food) are all included in the price. If you want to learn new facts, communicate with locals and listen to interesting stories. 



Make sure you are covered with a heater and enough jackets to withstand temperatures of 13°C to 18°C ​​during the day and -5°C to 7°C at night. All equipment, dining, accommodation, etc. disinfect before and after each use to ensure extreme safety and hygiene. Roopkund Lake, nestled between benevolent mountain peaks, continues to be in the limelight for its mystery. It is nicknamed “Mysterious Lake” because of paleolithic human skeletons and horse remains. 

The adrenaline-pumping trek to Roopkundi starts from Lohajung, a small pass situated at an altitude of 16,99 feet in the Garhwal Himalayas. This shallow lake has a depth of about 2 meters and is the most popular lake in the whole of Uttarakhand. The lake rests in the middle of a mountainous landscape surrounded by a rock glacier. 

Known for its mysterious environment and stunning natural beauty, Roopkund is a high mountain range in Uttarakhand at the foothills of Trishul Peak and Nanda Ghunt. The maximum height of this trek is 5029 meters. While trekking in the Garhwal Himalayas, you will have a magnificent view of mountains surrounded by rock glaciers. This 9 days trek in the Chamoli region is a moderate to difficult trek category. 

Mysterious lake

Roopkund Lake is also known as the “mysterious lake” because of the huge number of human skeletons and horse remains found in the surrounding areas. These remains probably date from around the 15th to 16th centuries. century, when a powerful hailstorm killed hundreds of pilgrims. 

 Lohajung is the base of the Roopkund trek and is easily accessible by road from Rishikesh. The drive from Rishikesh to Loharjung is scenic with views of snowy mountains, sprawling valleys, and meandering rivers. 

The journey to Roopkundi starts from Lohajung and passes through Didna village. There is a small village called Kulling between Loharjung and Didna, where the Neel Ganga river flows between Wani and Lohajung. From Kulling, a steep ascent leads to Rau Bagad, which is partly thick and covered with alpine pine, oak, and pine forest. On this route, hikers can see many birds, such as the wood magpie, on the branches of the rhododendrons. In those lower levels of the Ganges, the Lammergeiers tower over the valley. A yellow-throated bird can also be seen. 

The Raun Bagad road ends at the iron bridge, where the ascent to Didina begins. From Didina, the trail leads to Bedni Bugyal, one of the main attractions of the Roopkund trek, which again passes through Ali Bugyal. The road from Didina to Bedni Bugyal has a steep climb at the beginning but is an easy walk in the middle as it climbs towards the end. 

The road from Ali Bugyal to Bedni Bugyal is paved with a soft green meadow. Camping at Bedni Bugyal is another highlight of the Roopkund lake trek. Witnessing the reflection of the evening sunlight at the top of the Trishul hill is another attraction of this Garhwal Himalayan trek. 

Bedni Bugyal

From Bedni Bugyal, one must go to the meadows of Ghora Lotan, where the surroundings are painted in shades of olives and browns that spread across the black landscape in all directions. On reaching Bhagwabasa, hikers will see a lot of snow. Also, trekkers have to go towards Roopkund from Bhagwabasa which is a 5 km climb. The snow-covered route has several detours and a steep climb, but the distance is not long and the hard snow helps to walk without worrying about danger.


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