Is A Car Rain Cover Good For Your Vehicle?

Car Rain Cover

Car covers provide the utmost protection for your car’s exterior. It exceptionally protects the car paint and prevents any unwanted scratches or marks on the car paint. However, car paints are quite expensive, and you can only ensure their longevity by properly maintaining them. Therefore by investing in a car rain cover, you can keep your car paint away from most threats.

But as the experts point out, a rain cover is made of waterproof material that is not breathable. This means that moisture cannot pass through it. The trapping of moisture will result in corrosion and the growth of mould and mildew, which are also among some of the possible threats to your car’s exterior. Therefore using waterproof car body covers can sometimes be threatening.

Thus, it is recommended that you use breathable covers in place of waterproof covers if your weather doesn’t impose the necessity on you. You will find many car accessories and covers specific to different models at CarOrbis. Choose from some of the best quality products manufactured by top brands and place your order online at your convenience.

What Would You Use As Your Car Rain Cover?

If waterproof covers are not recommended, what to use during the rainy season? While covering your car, you need to make sure that it serves to protect your car’s exterior and not damage it. Below are some of the qualities in a car cover that will make it a good rain cover.

Choose water-resistant Coating:

While waterproof covers prove a complete failure in protecting your car’s exterior, you can select car covers with a water-resistant coating. These covers are also known as weatherproof covers. While these covers are not entirely waterproof, they have the potential to resist water from seeping into the car body. 

While this might not sound promising, car owners have reported that they offer excellent performance in keeping rainwater out of the reach of your vehicle. This is because these covers function by beading up water as soon as it falls on the surface of the cover. 

Such covers are also known for filtering the harmful chemical compounds found in rain droplets. Therefore your car’s surface is left with clean water. A variety of weatherproof car covers are available in the market. Select the one that would go well with the model of your car.

Select A Breathable Fabric:

Choosing weatherproof covers instead of waterproof ones will ensure that you choose a breathable material for your car cover. Suppose the material of your car cover restricts moisture and traps it inside. In that case, it will slowly give way to oxidation, rust, paint discoloration, car paint deterioration, and even corrosion, making your repair bills expensive. 

Moreover, waterproof covers are also expensive as they use a heavy material during manufacture. So choosing them, you will end up at a double loss.

Choose High Quality and Durable Material:

Choosing quality and durable material for your car is always recommended. A car cover should be made with a material that has the potential to withstand any weather conditions. It might get heavy on your pocket if you need to replace them once a year. Therefore if you want to be cost-effective, choose a cover that offers a fixed period of guarantee or warranty. Purchasing branded products would be a good option for you.

Opt For Necessary Customisations:

The best rain cover for a car will hug your vehicle tightly. Therefore be speculative while choosing your cover. Go for model-specific products. If you own a common car model, you will get car covers of various colours readily available in the market.

You can also search on online platforms. But if you own an old or a limited edition model, purchasing a readymade cover will become a waste of money. So instead, go for customised or tailored covers that come with special measurements and would fit your car perfectly.

Select Triple Stitched Car Cover:

Selecting a triple-stitched car rain cover will ensure you get the correct fit. These covers are designed with high-quality imported threads that make them great to withstand any weather conditions. Its high-quality fabric also offers the utmost protection from dust and dirt and keeps the shine of your car paint intact.

Final Thoughts:

After considering all the above points, if you are searching for a car rain cover with all the beneficial qualities, CarOrbis is the end of your search. The online platform offers various car covers in various colours and shapes that perfectly fit your model and ensure easy handling.

Place the order of your favourite car cover at your convenience with flexible payment methods, free shipping, and easy return policies. With CarOrbis, you can handle late deliveries, and the right car accessories will be delivered to your chosen destination on or before time.

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