Explore Dubai by having a 14 days visa

14days visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a sovereign constitutional monarchy comprised of seven Emirates: Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, and Abu Dhabi, the largest and capital Emirate. UAE attracts millions of expats each year due to its unique blend of modern architecture and historical and cultural attractions. Dubai is a city that will amaze you in a variety of ways. It combines modern architecture with rustic charm and traditional culture with high-end fashion.

The city has a glittering skyline made up of skyscrapers that are so tall they defy comprehension, a contemporary assortment of shops and restaurants that provide every type of accommodation a traveler could possibly desire, and opulent hotels that are prepared to welcome even the most discerning traveler in style and excess. The souqs, with their maze-like labyrinth of stalls, barrels overflowing with a rainbow of spices, and the aroma filling the air, the desert, with its rolling hills of sand etched with the footprints of Arabian oryx and gazelles, and the traditional abra boats ferrying riders across the Dubai Creek.

In the previous few decades, the city has grown from its humble beginnings as a desert port to a sprawling metropolis with thriving neighbourhoods, world-record-breaking structures, and extravagant shopping malls. Today, Dubai can be both quick and slow at the same time. Its a location where you can get an avocado toast and unwind on the beach, enjoy a desert conservation area, shop till you drop, or party the night away, all in the same day. These characteristics give the city its unique character, make it so fascinating to explore, and make it so active.

Visa for Dubai visit

If you are planning a visit to the UAE especially Dubai, you may need to apply for a UAE visa. For brief visits, the UAE government permits nationals of numerous countries to enter without a visa. Following are the type of 60 Days Abu Dhabi Tourist Visa offered by UAE.

Transit Visa – Single Entry

It is for travellers making a stop at the Abu Dhabi International Airport for a transit of between eight hours and four calendar days before continuing on to a different location. The entry period is 14 days while the duration for stay is 4 days.

14 days visa for Dubai visit

You can obtain a 14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa for travel within the Emirates or for business or academic purposes. Business meetings might be concluded in two weeks or 14 days, or you can just fly between Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. The tourist visa for 14 days Dubai is a single entry visa that permits you to stay in the United Arab Emirates for a maximum of 14 days. The entrance for this type of visa is valid for 60 days after issuance. You may apply for this visa online in a reasonably straightforward manner either through an Overseas Transit Agency (OTA) or directly through the Dubai Visa Processing Center (DVPC) website. Following the submission of your paperwork, you can receive approval in as little as 72 hours. Additionally, you can apply for a 24-hour express service for it too. You can anticipate a speedy and error-free processing of your e-visa after submitting all required paperwork.

It would be hard to experience everything Dubai has to offer in a single visit, which is why visitors come again and again. Visitors can marvel at the modern and stunning Arabic architecture, learn about the emirate’s history and culture, swim with dolphins, ride a camel in the desert, enjoy a day at the waterpark, go on a hot air balloon journey, and much more. When tourists visit Dubai, they are spoiled for choice, and they may have a list of things they want to do that will require multiple trips to fulfil.

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