Andaman Island is filled with mystery, legends, Beautiful unexplored islands, and the rare gift of nature. It is surrounded by tropical rainforests and has much research on the place’s flora and fauna. It is the dream destination for all those people who are in love with water sports, especially scuba diving


The crystal clear water and the marine life in the area are what attract divers to the island. The divers have one-of-a-lifetime experience in the waters of the island. There are rules and regulations which need to be kept in mind by the tourists and the locals. While giving the water sport i.e scuba diving. 


DOs of scuba diving

  1. Scuba diving should always be planned


Scuba diving should always be planned as the sport depends on the weather and the current of the waves. The center responsible for scuba diving should always keep a check on the schedule of the boats. And divers who have gone diving in the sea. 


  1. Weather Report


Weather reports of the area should always be checked by the divers before going into the sea. The change in weather should directly be informed to the divers before going to the site. As it can affect their life if the situation at the site has gone wrong. 

  1. Condition of the site


The site that has been selected for diving should always be of a depth of 20 meters and the height of the waves of the wave should not exceed 0.5 meters. The current of the waves in the sea is slightly low. The visibility underwater should at least be greater than 4 meters so that the divers can see the underworld of the sea. The diving should be done during the daytime. 

  1. Sharing Hand Signals and Goals with the Divers 


One should always decide the hand signals and gals of their diving with their diving instructor before going in the water for sport. Your diving instructor and the other member should have one sign for the sentence or words like out of the air, the difference in air pressure, turning around, you’re fine or not. And many other signals for different kinds of stuff. 

  1. Self-sufficient


The water sport “scuba diving” is all built on a person’s reliance on themselves and taking their own responsibility. You should never rely on others in the water as they need to take care of themselves too and one can be a good diver. Only if they are a self-reliant diver that can take care of themselves without anyone’s help. 

  1. Mindful of your position in the water


One should always be careful with their distance from the reefs and the divers in the water. You should always create a buoyancy control and can conserve the air in the water and marine life. 

  1. Right Rinse Bucket


If the diving operation you have opted for provides the rinse bucket then be mindful of what you’re rinsing and the way you’re rinsing it. For example, you’re rinsing your mouth organs of yours in the bucket. And then if someone else wants to do the same but they are a bit strict with their hygiene then they won’t be able to do it. 



  1. Talk during briefing 


One should always hear what the instructor has to say about diving at the location. Even if you’re familiar with the instruction, there is a chance that the other person is not aware of the instructions. And it can be dangerous for them to be in the water without knowing all the guidelines. 

  1. Skip the Buddy Check


One should never skip the buddy check as it is a very important and essential procedure before going into the water for diving. You should always turn the air on and should properly insert the weight pouch correctly. You can minimize the problem that can arise in the water. After going through the buddy check-up before going in the water for diving. 

  1. Camera dominating the drive for everyone


People love taking photos or videos when they go in the water for diving. But always take care that while doing so others’ views are not blocked and they are able to see the creatures. Many marine animals get scared and can be missed. While you’re trying to get that perfect shot for you so one should take care of that too. There are divers who don’t like to be in the photo or video. So keep in mind to check with everyone in the group on the land or in water should ask people before getting them in your shot. 


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