Christmas Boxes: Creative Packaging Ideas for Your Holiday Gifts

Christmas Boxes

Your holiday boxes are ready to be packed with Christmas gifts and shipped off to your friends and family, but before you can do that, you’ll have to cover them in creative packaging to make your gifts stand out among the dozens of others that will be arriving on people’s doorsteps come December 25th. This infographic provides some fun, novel ideas for how you can package your Christmas Boxes this year.

Colorful Gift Box:

One way to jazz up your Christmas boxes is with colorful tissue paper. Consider using the primary colors of red, blue, yellow and green. Tissue paper can be cut into strips that can then be twisted together or layered to create a striped pattern. These patterns will look especially festive when they are applied as a whole to the outside of the box.

 Another way to spruce up Christmas boxes is with stickers. Stickers are small enough that they can be placed on any part of a box. You can even add multiple stickers to create a patchwork pattern on your boxes. Another creative idea for box decorations is rubber stamps. Rubber stamps can be purchased at craft stores and may already come pre-inked, or you can buy empty ones so you can use your own ink. Simply stamp away on your cardboard boxes and make whatever patterns strike your fancy!

Felt Gift Bag:

This Christmas boxes design is a simple felt gift bag that can be filled with all your Christmas goodies. The felt material is durable and has a beautiful texture that will make your gift box stand out from others. Plus, this design is inexpensive and doesn’t require any special tools or materials to put together.

 Double-Sided Gift Bag: If you’re looking to make a stronger impression, then using double-sided Christmas boxes is an excellent way to do so. The process will require more work and patience because it involves gluing two different pieces of cardboard together and shaping them into a single box. But with practice, you’ll be able to produce stunningly beautiful and sturdy custom Christmas boxes that can protect your most expensive gifts.

Christmas Boxes

Handmade Cork Wrap:

If you’re looking to give a creative and unique Christmas present this year, why not make a custom Christmas box? It’s easy to do and you can personalize the design by adding your own custom message. It also helps that they make great use of upcycled materials, so you’re saving the planet while at the same time giving a one-of-a-kind gift. Custom boxes are also a lot more special than wrapping paper and can be used over and over again.

 Using some leftover corks, a small piece of wood and some glue, you can easily make your own custom Christmas box. Just measure out your cork and apply some glue to both sides. Once dry, you’re ready to decorate it! If you want something particularly special, then try using 24-carat gold leaf to create a beautiful 3D design on top of your cork.

Vintage Cardboard Box:

The simplest way to make your own Christmas box is with a cardboard box. If you have a clean, empty box lying around the house, this can be an easy and inexpensive way to wrap up some presents. You can paint or decorate the outside of the box with festive colors and patterns for a more customized look. 

If you don’t have any boxes on hand. You can find them in stores or at office supply stores during this time of year.

 If you plan on having more than one gift in your box, add a layer of tissue paper. Or another material to fill up any empty space and make sure that everything fits inside. These simple additions can really elevate your homemade Christmas box into something beautiful and festive. Add bows and other decorative touches to finish off your gift presentation.

Reusable Gift Wraps:

When it comes to getting creative with your holiday gifts, the sky’s the limit! A lot of people think gift wrapping is easy. But you can really wow your friends and family by using some DIY techniques. There are so many different types of Custom Boxes to choose from that you’ll have a hard time picking just one.

 There are also so many different types of custom boxes to choose from that you’ll have a hard time picking just one. Aside from them being aesthetically pleasing and a great way to build brand awareness. They can be made in any size or color you want.

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