An Ultimate Guide to Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes are also known as gift boxes. These boxes are the idea to level up your business and convince your customers of your product quality even before they open it. A person’s eye catches those products which reflect their nature and essence appropriately.

The global market of rigid luxury boxes will increase to $5.4 billion by 2030. A rigid box does not require heavy manufacturing machinery or expensive raw equipment. The expense of these boxes is higher than corrugated boxes because of their better integrity.

Custom rigid boxes give your brand the wow factor. Plus, custom rigid boxes are designed from heavy chipboard. The material is heavier in weight as compared to regular cardboard. Overall, your delicate product is safe with it.

5 Benefits of Custom Rigid Packaging

 The origins of the rigid box and its use go back centuries. Its appeal today is primarily based on its ability to handle bulky quantities. So why miss such a vacancy?

  1. It has the ability and structural strength to provide protection.
  2. It has a wide range of styles, sizes, and covering materials.
  3. MOA has a more comprehensive range of print and skin finishes compared with carton boards.
  4. Almost 80% of the material content is recyclable and recycled.
  5. Ability to make ‘small quantity production runs.

Where Are Custom Rigid Boxes Used?

The UK market sectors, which are the most significant users of rigid box packaging, describe the uses of rigid boxes.

  • ceramics, pottery, glassware, and cutlery
  • jewelry and watches
  • perfumes and cosmetics
  • music, video, and games
  • stationery and office storage
  • luxury drinks
  • chocolate confectionery and gifts
  • engineering and DIY hand tools

How These Boxes are Made?

Rigid box made with a variety of glues and base equipment. Not only can glue density have a significant effect on the box dimensional sizing. It also the climatic conditions within the box-making factories that can affect the wet expansion of paper, etc. These boxes are made with thick paperboard for ultimate product protection. Chipboard is used in because it is strong and performs well under pressure. The main factor of the rigid box is its appearance. It is the mixture of covering materials, including foils, papers, flock or fabric linings, leather, etc.

Steps of Making

The materials we need to make rigid box is adhesive, board, paper, and print.

  1. First step

Paper is coated with a thin adhesive film and applied to the board, with the paper wrapped around the corner flaps to secure them. Adhesive tape is used to make the various joins.

  1. Second step

before the covering paper is applied, the next level of complicatedness is to first ‘stay up upper corners of the board (the box or lid sides) using tape, appropriately called stay tape.

  1. Third step

Paper wrap is pressed to the back and sides, both on the outer surface and a turn-in on the inside.

  1. Fourth step

Use different designs or covering papers to make your box look more beautiful. Different ribbons, bows, clasps, and hinges can provide a ‘special’ appeal.

Types of Rigid packaging

There are a wide array of rigid packaging that can be chosen to suit your needs. Rigid packaging can be divided into two types:

● Partial Finish Boxes

When these boxes are covered with only paper and artwork, it is called partial finishing boxes. In partial finishing boxes, the box’s interior is uncovered and unwrapped.

● Full finishing box

When the custom rigid boxes are encased in paper. Or bespoke design, which is called full finishing boxes. These boxes are designed from inside and outside as per client demand.


A rigid box is a box ready for use without further fixing. Uses of rigid boxes provide support to delicate products or more. These boxes overall sound very useful, but they also have some weaknesses and limitations. They cost more as compared to other cardboard. Plus, it has vacant space left as compared to other cardboard. Its appeal today is primarily based on perceived quality and its ability to handle weighty contents, often of high value, and to afford physical protection.

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