Basic web marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

A digital marketing strategy is a real plan to be able to achieve these goals:

  • Achieve greater credibility and an excellent reputation;
  • Get more customers;
  • Being able to retain them;
  • Increase Sales;
  • Grow your business.

In web marketing there are strategies both aimed at giving results in the short term and aimed at a result that arrives over time but which is then confirmed as constant. A well-set strategy contains within it various areas of action such as:

  • Website optimization for search engines;
  • Website promotion;
  • Publication of blog posts;
  • Creating newsletters;
  • Publication of content on social media;
  • Social media advertisements;
  • Advertising campaigns on Google;
  • And so much more.

These are just some of the macro sectors in which to intervene so that web marketing applied to your business gives rThese are just some of the macro sectors on which to intervene so that web marketing applied to your business gives concrete results. Now let’s see what are the physical actions to be taken in order for the strategy to be complete.

1. Website and search engine optimization

I’m sure you already have a website or e-commerce related to your business. The first step is to make the website complete and optimize it for search engines, i.e. make it appear on the first page of Google.

  • Imagine the site as your business card, this means that it must have three fundamental characteristics:
  • Attractiveness;
  • Usability;

Your website has to be, first of all, beautiful to look at because it has to impress potential customers. But this is not enough, because it must also be easy to use . All important pages must be easily identifiable by users. And, finally, it must have all the useful information inside it so that consumers can formulate a purchase intention (or at least be able to contact you).

Once the professional site is ready, the next step is search engine optimization through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

SEO includes a series of activities necessary to improve the positioning of your site on Google and, among these, great attention is given to keywords which, essentially, are divided into two large groups:


  • Keywords for which you are positioned and which must be optimized;
  • New keywords to enter to increase your online presence.

To improve optimization, it is necessary to produce new content (or improve existing ones) in order to satisfy the search intent of users, thus addressing the issues that your typical customers are looking for online.

2. Online advertising

SEO is an activity that cannot be missing in your strategy, however its goal is to give results in the long term. To get visibility faster, the best way is to pay promotion on Google through Google Ads.

This is a great tool if your audience is large enough and aware, however it is important to have a certain amount of money to invest in campaigns to create real interest around your brand.

However, there is a solution to this drawback!

A particularly interesting tool has emerged on the web that allows everyone to tackle online advertising . I’m talking about PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. As the name suggests, this is a particular type of campaign where you only pay for ads when a user clicks on one.

What does this mean? That you don’t waste your money but invest it in people who are actually interested in your business, products or services.

For a PPC campaign to be effective it must be studied and prepared in a professional way , following very specific precautions:

  • Choose specific keywords;
  • Enter geographic keywords (if potential customers need to find you in a specific place);
  • Use strong language (ads have a limited number of characters and each term chosen must be incisive);
  • Insert a call to action (essential to obtain a conversion);
  • Constantly monitor the results to gradually make the best performing campaigns.

While Google Ads provides a comprehensive and intuitive tool, managing PPC campaigns isn’t that simple . Web marketing and the tools with which to implement it change constantly, for this reason it is advisable to rely on a professional who knows how to wisely allocate your budget to make you achieve immediate and tangible results.

3. Social Media Marketing

After the Internet, social media is the other great universe in which every entrepreneur should be present to increase their brand awareness and increase online commerce.

Do you think social media is useful only for exchanging photos of cats or of your own lunch? I have to disappoint you, today social media is an immense resource for brands of any size.

Every company that wants to create an online business must have a communication strategy that also includes social media, that is the virtual place where consumers spend a third of the time they devote daily to the web.

So do you know what you need to make your social profiles absolutely irresistible? Of a well thought out plan . A professional Social Media Marketing activity includes:

  • Setting of different goals for each social media used;
  • Competitor study;
  • Knowledge of the reference market and target audience;
  • Building relationships;
  • Study of an editorial plan with different and captivating contents;
  • Audience expansion;
  • Conversion tracking.

Social media marketing is an activity that requires time , perseverance and creativity. In addition, the work is multiplied by all the social media on which you intend to create a presence.

The main social media for your company

Guesswork is not enough when you want to achieve commercial goals using the web. Finding the right platforms for your business is essential and to do so it is important to conduct preliminary investigations to know where your target audience is.

Furthermore, social media can be used in a complementary way to reach different segments of the same audience or to achieve different objectives (for example, Instagram for brand awareness and Facebook for sales).

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