Does your living room look humdrum and dull? Try these new home decor ideas

Although every room in a house plays its own crucial part in your life, you can’t deny that the living room is the most happening part of the house. Right from sitting with guests and enjoying dinner with your family to binge-watching, a living room is a multi-purpose place that gives you a reason to gather. Also, since it is the center of the house, it has a natural tendency to bring people together. 

But what if the living room doesn’t look inviting or the design, feel, and color in the living room thwarts you from staying there for too long? This can be the biggest nightmare for any homeowner since everyone works so hard on making their living room exuberant and yet, sometimes, it can look dull and boring. 

Don’t worry, as the internet is inundated with ideas and designs that can turn your humdrum living room into the most cheerful space of your house. You just need to be a little more creative and identify if your living room has the design flaws that we are about to discuss in this blog post. 

Your sofas are a matching set 

Matching sofa sets can be as boring as home design can get. Trying to match the three-seater main couch in your living room with the two-seater or the one-seater in your living room can turn out to be the worst home decor idea of your life. And unfortunately, local furniture shops are still stuck with the age-old idea of putting matching sofas together and offering discounts on them if bought by a single homeowner. 

Remember, matching sofa sets can ruin your living room decor and you should always keep it away from your home decor ideas. Instead of trying to match your sofa set with the two-seater or the single-seater, you should buy them in one style and color. Then buy a new accent chair that has a completely contrasting style from your sofa set. 

Using single-color domination 

Another styling idea that can prove to be devastating for your living room decor is choosing the same color of curtains, furniture, rugs, and ceiling for your living room. Such kinds of people usually stick with specific colors since they think they can never go wrong with them. In such circumstances, people think brown or black is a safe zone.

This is a common myth that one can never go wrong with grey, brown or black colors. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even consider brown, grey, or black color for your living room, Brown color looks quite alluring but only when it is varied: like from walnut brown to dark chocolate. So does black, when it begins from a darker shade and goes into charcoal grey. 

Bare shelves and wall 

There are plenty of living room designs out there on the internet and if the shelves and walls of your living room are still bare then this might be holding the most happening part of your house from looking inviting and exciting.

Walking into a living room with bare shelves and walls feels like you are entering an under-construction building where some interior design touch is still pending. Bare shelves and walls are downright boring and you should work on them as soon as possible. 

Simple additions like wall clocks and paintings can turn your boring-looking shelves and walls into a piece of art that will be appreciated by everyone. You can even put framed pictures of your family members in continuous style to fill a large bare wall without spending a fortune. 

Lacking the touch of nature 

The use of houseplants was first witnessed in the 19th century, during the Victorian era and if you still don’t have even a single plant in your living room then forget about new trends as your house is missing even the most basic home decor designs and ideas. 

The addition of plants is the best way to add a little bit of greenery in your space and inherent it with the feel of living breathing things. There is no living room lexicon you need to follow while putting a houseplant in your living as even a single plant addition to your living room at any place can instantly add a touch of enthusiasm.

There are plenty of living room designs out there that you can try and if your living room still looks boring and dull then you either have put living room revamping in the never to be seen ‘to-do-list’ or you just lack the enthusiasm to make your place more inviting. 

If you have any of the design flaws mentioned in this blog post then you should work on it as soon as possible and breathe new life into your living room without making things extravagant.

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