How Does One Get Rid of Rats in Their Home Fast?

How Does One Get Rid of Rats in Their Home Fast?

Rats destroy property and spread diseases such as plague, rat-bite fever and murine typhus. They cause property damage in three ways: their teeth, claws and bodily fluids. Rats have surface issues that can be unsanitary and might cause you to startle. Dealing with a rat infestation is essential, and many homeowners often run to the store for rat poison or anything which helps them get rid of these annoying pests. They consume 10-15% of their body weight daily in food and must feed themselves 15-25 times a day. They cause tremendous havoc to you. Rats also keep their teeth sharp, and they gnaw through electrical insulation. It often increases the risks of house fires and electrical outages. You should try to get rid of rats when you observe any signs of infestation.

Following are some ways to get rid of the mice in your home fast-

1. Know if your home has a rat problem

If you want to completely eradicate rats from your home, you should inspect every nook and corner of the house to understand if the property has a mice infestation problem. Reviewing the home for any loopholes is very important, and some of the critical areas of the house which provide free entry for rats are drainage pipes, ground-floor vents, open garages etc. You ought to conduct a thorough checkup of your house every six months. You can also avail of the services of Pest Control Geelong, a reputed pest management company that helps you get rid of pests at your home!

2. Restrict the entrance

If the inspection of your house is done with the utmost care, you will get aware of the potential gaps which enable rats and mice to enter quickly. The best way to naturally avoid rats in your home is by sealing these holes and cracks with cement. You can also temporarily with metal plates or glass. Rats are tiny and can seep through even the smallest gap. Every potential gap must be addressed. It is one of the easiest and the most cost-effective ways to find solutions for getting rid of rats at home.

3. Eliminate rat shelters in your house

When you inspect your house, you may find evidence of multiple rat shelters that may be occupied. Rats usually prefer to take shelter in the same place for a long time. Cleaning the shelters can be extremely time-consuming as people tend to underestimate the litter that rats carry to these holes. You can take the help of professionals who will help you in the quest to stop rats from entering your house.

4. Home maintenance is essential

People who live in open spaces are more prone to the risk of a rat infestation as they have gardens and backyards. When it comes to the grass, the maintenance work automatically needs to keep it landscaped. It is necessary as it can become a significant breeding ground for rats. A front yard with too much clutter might encourage rats to take shelter. It is imperative to address this immediately to avoid further complications.

Termites are as dangerous as rats, and if termites infest your house, you can avail of the services of Termite Control Geelong, which provides efficient services at lucrative costs!

5. Setting rat traps

You can practice setting traps in different areas of your home. If you want to get rid of these pests and not kill them, setting traps that will catch them but not harm them is essential. One of the easiest ways of knowing how to get rid of them without necessarily killing them is by tricking these annoying rodents into thinking everything about the trap is expected and then catching them in the spur of the moment. Many homeowners against using poison to eliminate these pests try setting traps to find how to get mice out of the house quickly.

6. Clean up your space

Rats love to lurk in the places that are damp, messy and unsanitary. They love to thrive in places that are not clean. Hence, you should clean up your space more often. You should try to inspect the corners of your kitchen now and then. It is also important to dump the leftovers of food. 

Apart from these measures, you can also use various home remedies that help eliminate rats from your home. Many home remedies are easy to execute and are trusted by thousands of homeowners worldwide. Following are some of these remedies-

  • Spread pepper flakes

This is one of the most inexpensive solutions to eliminate rats from your home. It is also the oldest one in the book. Once you can spot the common areas where the rats are seen, spreading pepper flakes will help you eliminate them. They are not immune to its effect, and hence they will leave your home!

  • Spray peppermint oil

One more straightforward way of knowing how to prevent these pests from entering a house is by spraying some peppermint oil on the exterior floors as well as walls of your home or apartment. You should dip cotton balls in oil and place them near the holes and the potential entry points in the vicinity of the rat’s shelter. It has a powerful odour which scares the rats away from you properly and saves you a lot of trouble. It is a perfect option for people who are looking forward to removing rats from their house without killing them.

  • Onions

Rats tend to hate the smell of onion and often run away from the home if the onion is rotten. However, you should make sure to cover your mouth as the smell of rotten oil could be really strong.

  • Ammonia liquid

Another simple way to get rid of them quickly is by placing a bowl full of ammonia liquid near the holes where rats are seen. The smell of ammonia is very strong for the rats and there is a great chance that it will scare the rats away from your house.

A mice infestation is a grave concern if it is not addressed quickly.

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