Facebook and SEO: how to bring together

Facebook and SEO

Facebook and SEO are related, it is just that too many people put lots of stock, time, and effort into Facebook and SEO, not realizing that it is only a small part of the SEO spectrum. Google measures over 200 factors relating to SEO, which means that Facebook must only be a small part of it. If you are spending days and days working on your Facebook campaign in order to make a big splash SEO-wise, then you may be barking up the wrong tree. Here are a few tips to help you.

Have a long-term plan

Go into any sort of social media network with a plan. It is absolutely imperative that you have some sort of goal and steps leading to that goal because social media is the biggest time vampire of our modern era. Plus, if you make some silly mistakes then you will be chewed up and spat out by social media, so be wary of going in there like a horny cowboy.

Set up your search engine-friendly bio

On your personal profile, you should set up a bio that would be considered search engine friendly. This means having a few keywords that relate to your business and your website. Do not make it so that it looks as if you are promoting your website, just make it clear that you are the one who runs and owns the website.

Create a Facebook fan page

A fan page is made so that you may show the world how good your website really is. It allows you to shamelessly promote your website and your business. It allows you to post whatever you like and it won’t come across as spam because you are the controller of the content.

Put the Facebook comment section on your blog or website

This is a clever little trick whereby you are able to have people comment on your blog and their Facebook profile pic appears next to their comment. They may also add their comment to their own Facebook profile, which means you get a little extra coverage. It is better to use a laptop to run Facebook which will give you the facility to see and search everything very easily on a laptop, er blade 15 2018 h2 is very good on a laptop.

Put the “like” function on your blog posts

When you write a blog post, have a small function near the title or the bottom that has a Facebook “like” widget. People may then click it. It is a nice tie-in with Facebook, which means you get the SEO benefit, and you get the opportunity to have people see the “like” numbers so it shows you are not just blogging to yourself. If you want to get likes on Facebook, you need to take a photo with Slinger for Camera so that the photo will come out very clear and if you upload that photo, you will get a lot of likes.

Post about your website or blog on your fan page

On the fan page, you can be a shameless self-promoter, though it may not work out too well if you are. Instead of promoting your blog or website like a cheap car salesman, why not actually post about the things you mention on your website or blog?

Why not ask questions on social media that may be answered by your blog? Or, you could try telling people a little about your newest product, and then ask their opinion on the product. You can always delete any negative comments if there are any.

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Make sure you add links that point to your website

Whenever you post about your website or your blog, you need to add a link to your website or your blog so that people may visit it. It is good to get into the habit of pasting a link to a page on your website or blog every time you make a post. This is going to be more search engine friendly and it will help people find your website more quickly.

Try to convince others to post about your website

If you can get other people to go to your website and enjoy it, then maybe you can also convince them to post about your website on their profiles and fan pages. It does not have any effect if you post links to your website on another person’s profile. But, if that person posts a link to your website or blog of their own accord without any known incentive, then that is better for your Facebook and website SEO.

Things appear on the search engine results pages

Do not forget that it is possible for your posts on your fan pages to appear on the Google search engine results pages, which is why at least one post per week is a good idea. There is only a small chance of people seeing it, but a small chance is better than no chance.

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