Effects of technology on children

Effects of technology on children
A lot of research has been done on the Effects of Technology on Children and adolescents. Adults may feel young people are becoming too dependent on social media, and some worry technology may become a distraction for children in the classroom, hindering learning. However, many researchers agree that young people use technology to get a better understanding of how the world operates.

Professor of cognitive development


Rita Budd, from the University of Wisconsin, researches ways technology can help children succeed and have the necessary skills to participate in the global community.
She said:
“Technology can be used in ways that enhance learning. Teachers are keenly aware that sometimes students can only be successful by having access to technology, so they are thinking about how to blend traditional instruction with more technology.”
Budd also said that allowing young people to use technology to engage in and explore different roles could inspire them to want to work hard for what they want. Social media or electronic role-playing games such as Minecraft are among the most popular activities for children. Research has shown that doing a Google search helps children achieve better grades and that role-playing games can promote positive self-esteem and motivation.

Dr. James Ferguson


A senior lecturer at the University of York’s Department of Psychology has researched how technology is influencing our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.
In 2014 he said:
“The rapid acceleration of technologies over the last 30 years means that our brains are built to accept and process rapidly changing information.
“This means that as we transition into a world where some aspects of what we believe are fixed, and the majority of what we perceive is changing instantaneously, we are likely to experience cognitive dissonance or the feeling of tension and anxiety that arises when we believe two things at once.”

Does it hurt children’s relationships with their parents?


In a study published in the journal, Development, and Psychopathology in 2008, researchers found that teenagers who spent more time online than offline had lower levels of self-esteem and greater concerns about social status, popularity, and rejection. However, other studies have found that teenagers who spend more time online enjoy stronger bonds with their parents.
Studies also show that many parents regularly monitor their children’s online habits and that their attitude and monitoring can help build a better relationship with their children. However, research conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), suggests parents should be careful of sharing personal and intimate details on social media because it could put their children at risk of online abuse.
The NCSC) found that 48 percent of young people who were victims of cyberbullying disclosed that the bully had obtained their details from social media platforms. And of the young people in the survey who were victims of cyberbullying, 17 percent felt that their peers were in a position to humiliate them because of something they had posted online. The NCSC is now running a campaign to raise awareness about cyberbullying, by reminding teenagers and parents about how to handle cyberbullying. ( Effects of technology on children )

What are some of the potential benefits of social media?


If used responsibly, technology can bring people together in a way that was not previously possible. But, research has also highlighted some potential downsides of using technology and social media, and some ways parents can monitor their child’s online habits.
For example, teenagers’ digital footprints can be used by marketers, media companies, and advertisers to target children and teenagers.
Parents can ensure their child’s online activities are age-appropriate, and that they are following a set of rules to protect them from online dangers. The NCSC recommends that children and teenagers make use of parental controls to block inappropriate content, limit access to inappropriate material, and set time limits on how long they can be online each day. ( Effects of technology )
The regulator also suggests that parents should monitor what their child is viewing online, especially if they are in a more vulnerable state, such as emotional distress or self-harm. Technology can be a useful tool for parents to monitor what their children are doing online. This can help to reduce online risks for teenagers.

Internet benefits for children

Children can access the internet through a range of devices, including TVs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. In an ideal world, parents would prevent their children from accessing harmful websites. However, most teenagers would not want to live in a world where parents took total control of the internet, and internet access would be strictly regulated. The internet is a tool that can be used to make our lives easier. It can bring us closer together, and it can provide us with education and news.
But, the internet can also be used to disrupt our lives, damage our relationships, and lead us astray. Thus, it is important that parents have a firm handle on their children’s social media and online activity.
The key is to find out what their children are doing online and what they are getting up to, and then monitor and regulate it. Children are often tempted to share things on social media that they would not feel comfortable sharing face-to-face. ( Effects of technology )
The NCSC also recommends that parents can consider their children’s privacy settings on social media platforms. This way, they can see what their children are posting and what they are not.
Most social media platforms allow parents to filter certain content. For example, they can set the default setting for who sees their children’s posts. This means that they can choose who sees their children’s posts and for how long.

How parents can monitor their children?


There are also various tools that parents can use to monitor their children’s online activity. These include tools that can block access to particular sites and apps. They can also help parents to prevent their children from accessing some internet content that they think they are not old enough to see. Although it is a good thing to allow your children to socialize online, it is a good idea to give them privacy. If a child’s identity is put into jeopardy through uploading potentially-harmful content, parents should speak to them about it. There is a wide range of parental controls that can be used on social media platforms.

For example

Facebook allows parents to control who can see the posts of their children.
They can also choose who sees the photos or videos the child has shared. Parents can also choose when their children can log on and when they can’t. They can also restrict the type of content that children can view. Parents can limit their children’s activity in several different ways. If they are worried about inappropriate material being viewed, parents can ask that all social media profiles be password-protected.
Parents should be aware that, although their children are usually not completely in control of the social media platforms they use, they may be able to limit their children’s online access and activity. Parents should avoid immediately punishing children who make mistakes, and they should always remember to show gratitude for the positives their children do on social media.
But, most importantly, they should know how to protect their children’s identities. When children put themselves out there online, they are opening themselves up to being abused. When kids make a mistake on social media, it is important that they talk to their parents. Parents should be mindful that they are responsible for their children’s online safety. They should also be aware that they should always have an open line of communication with their children.
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