Close The Gaps as Well as Straighten Your Teeth Comfortably with Invisalign

Straighten Your Teeth Comfortably with Invisalign

The problem of crooked teeth is indeed embarrassing. In severe cases of misalignment, it is also unsightly. But crooked teeth are more harmful than just causing embarrassment or looking unsightly. The same is true for having gaps between the teeth. If the crooked teeth are not straightened or the gaps are not closed the problem often leads to periodontal disease and extra crowding. The cutting-edge Invisalign technology cures crooked or misaligned teeth. But can it sort out the problem of gapped teeth as well? Let us explore the problem in the following section of the blog post along with its reasons and whether Invisalign can help.

But before anything else let us have a quick recap on Invisalign – the revolutionary teeth straightening technology.

What is Invisalign?

People who suffer from crooked teeth may select traditional braces to straighten their teeth. These braces come with metal brackets and wires; traditional braces straighten the teeth slowly over a period of few years. Invisalign performs its task in a similar fashion although it is strikingly different from conventional metal braces. Invisalign relies on a series of plastic aligners to straighten the teeth. Unlike the fixed braces these aligners are removable. You can remove your Invisalign aligning trays for a small part of the day. As you start your journey through Invisalign, your dentist or orthodontist will design the ideal treatment plan that perfectly caters to your needs and conditions. You will be given a new set of aligners at each check-up. This sequence continues till the teeth are shifted into their desired locations. Checkups for an Invisalign patient usually take places every few weeks. On an average this cutting-edge tooth straightening procedure takes anywhere between 18 and 24 months to settle cases as per expectations.

Understanding tooth gaps

When unwanted gaps are formed in between the consecutive teeth the problem is called tooth gap. In dental terminology it is called diastema. As far as gapped teeth are concerned, the problem does not contribute in any way to make your smile appear attractive. The spaces that are formed between the teeth may be large or minimum. There are several reasons that are known to lead to the problem. The reasons include the following –

  • Baby teeth are not moving
  • Overly large jaws
  • The size of the teeth is too small
  • Lost or missing teeth

Gaps between the teeth or diastema not only affects your aesthetics but cal also lead to other problems if are not sorted out in time. The most severe dental issue that it may create is crowding of the other teeth. When the teeth that are causing the gap refuse to move, the surrounding teeth are likely to sink in and result in crowding. This condition is often painful. The problem of gapped teeth may also lead to issues with your bite or jaw. In toddlers and early teenagers the problem of teeth gap usually gets sorted out on its own.

Can Invisalign resolve the problem of diastema or gapped teeth?

Invisalign proves effective closing gaps between the teeth. Having said that it is important mentioning that depends on the severity of the gap. Smaller gaps fill up pretty fast. It hardly takes a few months to resolve a problem with smaller gaps between the teeth. Alternatively, the larger gaps take longer time to get sorted out. Resolving the problem of diastema takes varying length of time. As a matter fact every case is thus treated different by dentists. In severe cases other than Invisalign other procedures like either veneers or bonding are combined to ensure better results. Your dentist will first diagnose your problem to decide the best possible strategy to solve the problem.

The post-Invisalign scenario

Once the gaps between the teeth are closed by Invisalign what lies next? The dentist will evaluate the treatment outcome. The expert also ensures whether the treatment has gone along the plan. Once these clauses are satisfied it does not mean your treatment is over. It is important to make sure that the teeth are hold in the corrected place and the gaps do not show up again. That is why you will be given a retainer to wear. This retainer is excellent equipment specially in the post-treatment phase. It holds the teeth from sinking back and saves you from a relapse. How long will you have to keep wearing the retainer? Well, that timeline is never uniform and varies from case to case. Your dentist will assess your case and inform you about it. It is utmost important to stick to your retainers. Else all the effort done in closing the gaps will be undone almost in no time.

Benefits invisalign offers

Invisalign does not only close unsightly gaps between the teeth to help you solve the problem of diastema. It does much more than that. In fact, it is the revolutionary teeth straightening technology that can deliver the smile of your dreams. When you select invisalign to close the gaps between the teeth knowingly or unknowingly you are helping yourself in ways more than one.

Invisalign braces – it has already been mentioned above – are easily removable. This means your teeth and the gums are healthier and free from diseases with Invisalign. Food particles often get stuck between the teeth and the braces. When you use fixed metal braces removing those food particles proves very difficult. The problem often results in tooth decay. Moreover, brushing and flossing the teeth properly is almost impossible when you are on fixed braces. But with Invisalign that is just no problem.

When you are on Invisalign there is no restriction on your diet. You can eat and drink everything during the course of your Invisalign journey. On the other hand, with fixed braces, you have to adhere strictly to dietary restrictions. As Invisalign is removable you simply take out the aligner trays before eating or dinking something. Once you are finished you just slip it back again.

One of the best reasons to straighten your teeth with Invisalign is it offers unbelievable discreetness. For many people orthodontic braces are unsightly, embarrassing and unprofessional. But the clear plastic aligners that come in form of invislaign are hardly noticeable.

As far as aspect of pricing is concerned, both fixed braces and Invisalign are almost at par. If you can afford the metal braces then you will surely not go bankrupt paying for Invisalign. So, if you are really serious about closing those unsightly gaps between your teeth please remember that Invisalign can not only close those gaps but can also give you a brilliant and charming smile.

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