The Reasons You Need A Grid Mattress

Technology has made huge strides in the modern world. From creating voice-activated robots to using these robots to perform medical surgeries, many processes today are aided by the latest technology. Scientists have constantly worked to improve the living standards of the average man. Now technology has also begun to influence our quality of sleep. Using the Smart Grid concept of mattresses, the user can be assured of peaceful, luxurious and painless sleep. There are a variety of grid mattresses online which are worth checking out.

So why should you switch from the regular memory foam or latex mattress to the grid mattress? Before you understand the various benefits of the grid mattress, let us first understand the structure and material of the grid mattress. 

As the name implies, a grid mattress has a grid-shaped structure. It uses hyper-elastic polymer as its material so that the mattress conforms to any shape depending upon the different body parts upon it. This is a patented Japanese technology, and this hyper-elastic material allows full elasticity while retaining its softness. The smart grid comfort mattress has four layers, each performing a different function to maximise comfort and pain alleviation for all kinds of sleepers.

  1. The topmost layer is a soft knitted fabric which covers the mattress and protects it from dust. This makes the mattress extremely user-friendly as it is easily washable and keeps the mattress hygienic.
  2. The second layer is composed of the smart grid pattern, which is made of evenly spaced square grids that stretch according to the sleeper’s body shape and help in pain relief, making it ideal. 
  3. The third layer is the soft transition foam to add the buoyancy and support for the sleeper.
  4. The last layer is made of premium high-density foam which makes the mattress firm and offers strength and support to the mattress.

All the above layers are enclosed in a breathable cover which allows sufficient airflow through the cool grid mattress. 

Features of a Grid Mattress

  1. Double the support: The way the grid mattress is designed and structured ensures that the walls of the grids hug and cushion the hips and shoulders while simultaneously keeping the spine straight and supporting the back all along. Thus, the grid mattress works far better as a back support mattress than the regular orthopaedic mattress used for pain alleviation.
  2. Airflow: The open grid structure of the smart grid mattress makes it a cool mattress, allowing air and heat to pass through the various air channels. This makes it the ultimate comfort mattress.
  3. Motion isolation: The adaptive technology mattress supports motion isolation, which means the motion or movement of your partner would not affect your sleep in any way. 
  4. Hypoallergenic: Regular mattresses are made of volatile organic compounds, which are toxic in nature and may be the cause of allergies amongst some sleepers. On the contrary, grid mattresses are made of high-grade food polymers, which are non-toxic and safe for all.

Grid Mattress Benefits

Based on its key features, the grid mattress provides the following benefits to the user:

  1. The medium firm grid mattress allows air circulation across its various layers. 
  2. Perhaps the best feature of the smart grid mattress is its flexibility. You can find it in multiple sizes, such as king size grid mattress and a queen size grid mattress. In addition to that, the medium-firmness of the mattress provides enough bounce and hugs with your shoulders and hips while keeping your spine aligned straight. 
  3. The special features of the smart grid mattress make it highly adaptable for all sleeping positions and types of sleepers. A soft grid ensures the user sleeps on his back with equal comfort. 
  4. The grid mattress is available in varying densities, from the soft grid, which provides extreme comfort levels, to firmer grids which offer extra support.
  5. The mattress is suited for all age groups of sleepers.  

Smart Grid Vs Memory Foam

While each mattress is associated with its own set of pros and cons, the benefits of a smart grid mattress far outweigh those of the memory foam mattress.

  1. Memory foam mattresses are not breathable and trap heat and sweat. 
  2. Memory foam mattresses sink uniformly across your back. This means that your spine remains in a curved position. 
  3. Memory foam mattresses are less durable than Smart Grid mattresses as they become saggy after a point of time.


Undoubtedly, proven results and user experiences have confirmed that Smart grid mattresses offer a long-lasting, comfortable and luxurious sleep experience for the user and are an excellent replacement for memory foam mattresses. Although Smart grid mattresses can be costlier than the average memory foam mattress, it lasts for more than 10 years, unlike the latter. This makes it a more economical choice for the future. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the latest Smart grid mattress near you and make the switch to experience uninterrupted and comfortable sleep. 




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