The Ruse of entering into a collusion case against Russia

Here we go again. The Russia are back and this time they have an excuse. When it comes to collusion with the Donald Trump campaign, the word that usually surfaces first and foremost is “collusion.” This is a charge so absurdly broad that no rational person, least of all President Donald Trump, could be found to voice his or her dissenting opinion on the matter. It’s as if the very concept of collusion has been rendered completely meaningless when it comes to Russia. That’s because there’s simply no evidence that any Moscow officials colluded with the Trump campaign at any level during the course of its operations. In other words, there’s simply no basis for accusing anyone of conspiring with the Kremlin in order to assist Donald Trump in securing his election win last year. The only possible intent by any official from Russian Federation was loyalty to their leader Vladimir Putin rather than any actual cooperation with the Clinton campaign. So where do we go from here? There are several mitigating factors why this case cannot be considered as anything but null and void:

The evidence against Russia is beyond reproach

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The intelligence that helped to cause the events that led up to the 2016 presidential election was critically flawed at best and outright fabricated at worst. The Chechens who perpetrated this particular act of violence were not, as many have suggested, part of a Russia hacker collective but were involved in a crime straight out of Star Ocean. This “suicide squad” of a group of individuals was led by a single man who was perfectly capable of committing his own atrocities. The only reason that this evidence is anything other than completely overwhelming is due to the fact that the events it speaks of took place 40+ years ago.

The Trump campaign did nothing wrong

This is the one that will stick in the minds of nearly all Trump supporters who are reading this article. To say that Trump and his team colluded with the Russians to benefit the campaign is to completely ignore the fact that the Russians were working with other parties throughout the campaign against the backdrop of a world crisis. The fact that the Trump campaign was somehow “at fault” for colluding with the Russians in this way entirely ignores the fact that it was the Russians who were colluding with the campaign at all. This is the crux of the matter: none of the Russian leaders who are charged with responsibility for the actions of the Trump campaign were somehow in any way responsible for the actions of the Clinton campaign. It’s as if the entire “collusion” charge against the Trump campaign is entirely a manufactured and manufactured-up narrative to drum up more support for the candidate and to extend his electoral margin.

There is no collusion

This one is a no-brainer. The only reason that the Trump campaign was ever in business is due to the fact that it was granted permission to do so by the Kremlin. This permission came in the form of an international treaty that bound the US and all its states party to the US alliance to mutual assistance in defense of each other. The list of countries that were party to this agreement is almost too long to checklist by now. The only people who were ever officially sanctioned by the Russians for doing anything wrong during the course of the campaign are the luminary Donald Trump Jr., his personal lawyer, and his ridiculously close associate and campaign advisor George Papra. They all remain free to deny that any of this ever happened.

The Russian government has already been fully vindicated in a number of ways during the course of their own investigations

This is the biggest enabler here. The word “vindicate” refers to the process by which a court or jury ieceared to determine the veracity of a statement a person makes under oath. It does not, however, refer to the process by which the specific individuals responsible for the statements being made under oath come to and be acquitted of all charges against them. The charge against the Trump campaign was that it broke the law. That is what the Russian government was charged with committing. The American government was charged with the specific crime of being a member of the same government that was being vehemently prosecuted for the crime of being a Soviet agent.


This past March, a group of federal charges were brought against three Russian nationals in the United States: Dmitryorous, Emin, and Ruslan. The charges against them range from money laundering to giving false statements to the federal government. The three people charged with money laundering are Felix Sater, his business partner Michael Rusesvatov, and their associate Emin careersman. The three have consistently maintained that they were not involved in any way whatsoever with the Trump campaign and that any investments they made were in legal 737 stock funds. The campaign of negative publicity that these individuals and others like them received for theiractions during the campaign has been well-documented. The evidence against Russia is overwhelming. There is no collusion. The Russian government has been fully vindicated in a number of ways during the course of their own investigations. The charges against the Trump campaign have been greatly simplified and severely limited in their impact. Now it’s up to the American people to decide whether or not they want to continue to associate with the highest levels of the Russian government as well as its leaders.

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